I Got My ipod nano!

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  1. Wednesday night, as I was coming home from class, I decided to check my mailbox. Imagine my surprise when a small box was there.

    I thought I would have to wait in my apartment on Thursday and sign for it, or something.

    So the first thing I said when I saw it in its box, I swear to God, was "Hi, baby!"

    (I went with the teal one, and I'm so glad I did! It is so beautiful!)

    I have spent Wednesday, Thursday and then today uploading songs from my cds into itunes and then syncing my ipod.

    It makes work SO much more bearable.
  2. OMG is it the new ipod nano were you can play videos on? I saw an add on TV about it. Congrats hun! =D
  3. congrats!
  4. Yes, it is!

    (And thank you!)

    Every time I see the commercial and the teal one comes up, I point to the TV and call out, "Mine!"
  5. Congrats! how r u liking it so far? I have an older ipod and im thinking of upgrading.
  6. ^^ I really like it!

    The only thing is, how do you turn it off?
  7. ^Have you tried pressing the play/pause button till it switches on or off?
  8. aw the greenish one?! It's sooo cute. I just got a pink nano in april so I don't need it :sad:

    hold the pause/play button down and it'll turn off
  9. i just got an ipod touch and i love it! yaaaay to all the new tPF ipods!

    so...how do i get my CDs imported into iTunes. i used to know how to do this, but it's been forever. when i click 'import' under 'file' it doesn't give me an option of choosing a disc. and i don't think i see a button for it, and it doesn't show up anywhere that i have a cd in...confused!
  10. The bluish one.

    (My dad didn't order it right away, because he thought the teal one was the green one. He wanted to check to make sure.)
  11. Man, I gotta get my hands on one of those. I have the 1st generation ipod. Recently I've been having so many problems with it. I need to replace it.
  12. Congratulations! How many songs can you fit on there and have you tried watching any videos yet?
  13. figured it out! computer wasn't recognizing the disc, had to restart. problem fixed!
  14. Congrats ...looked at these today and they are so tiny:nuts:
  15. Congrats!! i was going to get the nano for my bday but then i fell in love with the ipod touch...i love the teal colour!! that was the one i was going to get!!