I got my Hudson PM today !!!

  1. First of all I have to thank all the ladies and gents who helped me decide which shoulder bag I should get. Hudson won the vote !!! After trying all the bags I fancy last week, Hudson was the one.
    I put the pics of traci and Gergirl hudson and on my desktop as a motivation lol:biggrin:

    It's been a looooong day for me. I picked up my bag in the morning and took it for errands this afternoon.

    I managed to take some pics...

    Today is my day, DH took day off and he let me choose anything I want to do.
    Morning: Picked up my bag,it was ready for pick up .Didn't have time to hang around.
    Afternoon: Went to San Diego county fair...Yikes...won't do that again..too hot !
    He took me to get Boba drink (my fav)

    Tonight he will take me to watch Devil wears Prada..

  2. I love the hudson congrats! its beautiful =D
  3. it's beautiful and looks perfect on you! :yes:
  4. Congrats!! You look so beautiful wearing it!!
  5. It looks great on you! Congrats on a wonderful day!
  6. Congrats....
    Looks great on you
  7. Nice pics! Congrats!
  8. Congrats! That bag is on my want list!:love:
  9. Congrats! It looks great on you!
  10. Congrats, it looks stunning on you ! And I love bubble tea too, love it ! :biggrin:
  11. Congrats,great choice!:yes: :love:
  12. Congrats, she's beautiful!
  13. I like it a lot! It looks great on you
  14. Congrats! It looks like a perfect size. What a great day you've had!
  15. 0o0o0o yeah!!! it looks awesome on ya!!! excellent choice!!! congrats and have fun at the movies tonight!!!