I got my HOT vinyl Coco Cabas!!

  1. Since there are so many Coco Cabas threads, please feel free to merge with another thread...

    I went to pick up my Coco Cabas in vinyl. It is SO damn hot. I love it. It is quite roomy--we were able to fit my huge tote bag I had full of books and random stuff completely inside the Cabas. All the SAs adore this bag. I asked if they knew exactly how many were made and they rolled up their eyes and said "NOT ENOUGH." Even the security guy asked me if I got the "fashion bag" and he thought it was all that which was sweet.

    When we took the bag out of the box, it caused quite a flurry in the store. A customer who was looking at bags dropped everything and asked an SA to see it; the SA just said "It's a special bag" because they don't have any more.

    The packaging is kind of over the top. It comes with one of those air-filled plastic pillows used as packing materials, but huge. I was told when I store the bag, I need to use the air pillow to prevent creases and to prevent the vinyl from sticking. They didn't have a shopping bag big enough for it so they put a ribbon around the box and made a hand strap with it so I can carry it home.

    I simply adore this bag!!! I am taking it out on a long shopping day tomorrow...though most of my shopping money was spent on the bag.
  2. please post pictures! pretty please?! (:
  3. congrats! yeah, please post pics!! can't wait to see it! :biggrin:
  4. Congratulations! Which size did you get?
  5. Congrats!!! Post pictures.
  6. where are the pictures?:shrugs: :wondering
  7. Congrats, i know you were waiting a long time for it! Please post pics
  8. Don't ya love that ? !

    They did that for me when I bought my large Cambon , and I must say I felt pretty cool marching around Saks with an enormous Chanel box w/ a red silk ribbon "handle" .

    Congrats !
  9. OH you KNOW you must provide photos!
    We can never see these bags enough!
  10. :yahoo: This is so exciting, I can't wait to see pics.
  11. Congrats! Can't wait to see pics
  12. yayY!!!!
  13. Oh my gosh, this bag is hot...literally. Today was a blazing summer day and the bag heats up, and when I put my arm over it, my arm gets sweaty. But I love love love this bag!! It got a lot of oohs and aahs at my hair salon. And it got some double takes from passers by.

    Did I mention I love this bag?!?!?
  14. CONGRATS!! cant wait for picts!!
  15. Post Pictures! I am sure it is excellent!
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