I got my HH Nomade Hobo!

  1. :yahoo:My new bag came yesterday! It is so nice. The leather is so soft and buttery. I was worried that it would be huge, but it's not. It is a little heavy. I've never had a leather bag of this quality. When the mailman pulled into my driveway and honked I ran out of the house screaming "My new bag is here!". I told the mailman I was super happy to see him. It came a day earlier than I figured. The gal I bought it from on eBay was super. Hopefully I can figure out how to attach a picture.
    New purse.jpg
  2. Looks beautiful - fabulous bag on you....Congrats!
  3. Oooooo I am SO jealous!!! I really want one of these, but I am so afraid it's too big - BUT I WANT IT ANYWAY! Congrats on your beautiful handbag!!!
  4. Nice bag. Looks good. Now I have an idea of what it looks like. Congrats.
  5. Very cool! It looks great on you.
  6. Wow, congrats! It looks truly adorable on you. Thanks for posting the pic...enjoy!
  7. great color, looks perfect on you.
  8. Wow!

    It's gorgeous and it looks GREAT on you! And you LOOK so happy...so it's totally worth the price! Thanks so much for sharing a picture!
  9. Ohhh..looks GREAT on you! Love that color...lucky!
  10. Very cute and the color really stands out1
  11. Congrats- it looks great!
  12. Thank you all for your kind words! You all know how to make someone feel good! :heart:
  13. Congrats!!!!
  14. We can totally understand your thrill and pleasure to own such a beautiful bag. Enjoy it to the max. Let it accompany you on all your adventures... Thanks for the modeling pic -- always helps to see the proportions.
  15. I love it and it looks GREAT on you!!! I'm sorry it's a little heavier than you expected but hopefully you'll get used to it. ENJOY!!:jammin: