I Got My Heritage tote Yesterday. YAY!!!!

  1. So when I got off work yesterday I went to my local Coach Store and walked in and went straight to my tote. I got the green one she is great I love her!:heart::tup::yahoo: Here are some pics.
    tote.jpg inside my hertiage.jpg tote and mini skinny.jpg
  2. How pretty! I love the green color!!!! Enjoy it! Which size is it?
  3. WOW! Lovely! Enjoy! :tup:
  4. I have the green one, too (and a small pink one!), and I love it! I use mine as a work tote. Is yours the medium or the large?

  5. Oh it's gorgeous!!!! I LOVE that green! I can't tell, is that the large or the medium? Either way, it's beautiful and I hope you enjoy it! Congrats!
  6. Cate i use mine as a work tote too. I got the medium one. I love it.
  7. Very pretty!!
    I got the pink wallet, skinny mini and change purse and love them!!
  8. It is super cute, perfect for summer. congrats.
  9. I really like the green, congrats, it's beautiful!
  10. congrats its really cute and its PERFECT for spring!
  11. Pretty, the green is really growing on me. Congrat's and enjoy!
  12. Congrats, love the green!!
  13. If I didnt loove the chocolate so much, green would be my next choice. Very nice - congrats!!!
  14. Its lovely!!! I got to see the green IRL yesterday and I liked it!
  15. That is so pretty in green. I love the matching skinny mini too!!!!