I got my heat stamped items today!

  1. They look classy.

    My BF's in the dog house because he messed up my wallet. Thankfully, it's not too bad looking. He feels real bad.

  2. It looks good.
  3. I LOVE the way it looks!!!
  4. I love it!
  5. ...and because I gone w/o a Louis V purse since Sept 05, I decided to purchase the Speedy 25! :biggrin:
  6. ^ woohooo! i love rewarding myself :yes:
  7. Do they do the heat stamp same day or you would have to leave it with them?
  8. Looks GREAT!!!! I love heat stamping all my LV items!!!! I just got my Damier Speedy stamped last week...still have to post the pics. Enjoy your new LVs!
  9. I left it at the store. They gave me a 3-5 day timeframe and it took 5 days.
  10. how much is to heat stamp?
  11. free
  12. It's very neat...love it !
  13. I got two of my speedies stamped and they both got taken care of within ten minutes. The first time I went on a weekday right when they opened and asked ahead of time if I could wait for them to stamp it (the lady kept telling me that it usually takes a week). The second time was a weekend but also early in the morning. Unless they have other things to stamp, they usually do it in the same day!
  14. ooo looks nice!!
  15. hehe- If my initials were RR then I'd say, "I own Rolls-Royce." haha, stupid I guess but I thought it was funny anyway :lol: . They look great! :biggrin: