I got my green perfo cles from eluxery today but...

  1. its in the box no wrapping no dustbag :shrugs: when i got the fuschia it was wrapped and it came in the dustbag but it was from Saks lv

    should i call them and ask them to send me a dust bag or exchange it while i still can???
  2. I tried calling yesterday (spoke to a different SA) to geta dustbag for my cles and she told me the monogram accessories don't come with dustbags :crybaby:
  3. I'll try asking them:yes:
  4. they told me 2 years ago they stopped using the small dustbags and now it comes in the box
  5. I got a green perfo cles today from SF LV. It came in a dustbag that it fit in perfectly, as well as a box.

    I would call again.
  6. I actually dont know if youll be able to get one from eluxury since the mono small accessories dont usually come with a dustbag unless there is vachetta leather on . i would talk to the SA at Saks and try to get one from him/her
  7. I just called 866vuitton and spoke to a really nice SA about getting a dustbag. He told me that he looked at the care booklet and it says "To preserve your product, when not in use, store it in the protective pouch provided" so he assumes there should be a dustbag with it. He took my number and said he was going to look into it for me and give me a call back within the next 30 minutes. I'll post what the outcome is.
  8. The SA just called me back and he doesn't have any small dustbags that would fit the cles in stock, but he said he will try some stores to see if they have one. If they don't, he is going to send me a dustbag that fits small handbags.
  9. oh wow!! hes so nice! can i call him? i really want one but the sa from eluxery told me they dont send them out just the box for small leather goods

  10. Me, too. I recently bought my orange perfo cles and it came in a dustbag and pull-out box.
  11. Hmm mine was from elux... Does it matter ??
  12. I'm gunna call again
  13. She told me no it dosent come w it and they are cuttin dowb bc people sell them on ebay or some thin like that the small dustbag is just for vernis sniff sniff maybe if I go into the store and ask????
  14. That's plain RUDE. I would call the 1-866 VUITTON number and explain your situation. I can see getting a box from somewhere and not somewhere else, but not a dust cover.

    If you have two cles' and one doesn't have a dustcover, you should definitely complain.
  15. I called 866 that's who told me that! She said Saks prob had an extra that's y I got it... So meaning they don't belong with the perfo... Not cool do I have to go in to the store to get somebody to give me one