I got my gorgeous black reissue with gold h/w!!!

  1. Gals I just couldn't wait to get home and share my joy with all of you!!! I finally got my reissue!!! Not the metallic black I reserved, but the black one with gold h/w from the 2006 Cruise collection!!! :yahoo:

    A lovely lovely SA at the Singapore Chanel remembered I was looking for a reissue, and called me immediately once she got this one. I was only planning to try it on for size (it's a 226) cos I still wanted my metallic black, but I just fell in love!! The gold h/w is just SOOOOO beautiful!

    Only fly in the ointment is the price I paid for it: S$4220 (roughly equivalent to USD2700. I know it's a lot, but considering that I would have had to pay about USD2600 (including Goods and Services Tax here and shipping to Singapore) for my metallic black, I figured it was a small difference for one of the most classic colours and pieces. I simply couldn't walk away from the gold h/w and you all know this piece is SO hard to find!

    So yes, please please tell me I didn't do something stupid by paying so much for this bag, the more I look at it the more I am in love. And I PROMISE I will post pics soon!!
  2. Oh my GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. I knowwww!!! Thanks for all your support and help in locating a metallic black reissue IceEarl, you've been sooo sweet. But this one chance I couldn't pass up! And I'm gonna have to give up the metallic black reissue I've already reserved with Hawaii cos I simply can't afford to get both. Anyone want my SA contact, pl PM me k?
  4. I thought I just need to send it in 2 messages...shiny hair, it's great that you got this bag, your SA is superb!! what's her name, I need to pay her a visit when i am in Spore in end July...I was just replying to you in another thread, as Nightshade has just shared with all on how much her 225 can hold, and it's just great that you've got that 226 now since you weren't comfortable with 227... and the black reissue is just so classy.... CONGRATS!! modelling pics pleaseeeeeeeee
  5. Enjoy your new bag!
  6. :dothewave: and the price is fine, the purse is loveeeeeeeely, it's worth it!!

    So now you have to plan for a dinner purse for your yr end wedding??:p
  7. congrats!!! It is a lovely bag.

  8. Yes I knowwww, I LOVE her!! She remembered me asking about it like MONTHS ago and called me today, also because there was a 10% rebate with some credit card only for today (which incidentally I couldn't get cos I got rid of the card a year ago BOO). Isn't she sweeeet? Her name is Anthea, you HAVE to go to her. I'm sooo happy I got this one cos 227 would definitely look a bit too big for my skinny frame. Help I can't post pics!! It says my file size is too big :crybaby:
  9. Thank youuuuuu IceEarl!! Ummm I don't think I can get another purse for a looong time, my fiance couldn't quite get used to the price of this one hehehe
  10. ;) heehee...I know what you mean.... men just don't understand.....
  11. Go to "image"and click resize to maybe 800x600, some where around there should be fine...
  12. So it's the Patent leather from 2006? Congratulations!:yahoo:
  13. No it's not patent, funny enough it actually looks EXACTLY like the 2005 black reissue w gold h/w, but the SA told me it's from the Cruise collection last yr! Is she wrong??
  14. They did make a black distressed calfskin in 2006 but it came with silver chain not gold. The only black reissues that were ever available in the gold chain are the 2005 commemorative reissue and the black patent.

    Are you sure you didn't get the 2005 commemorative then?
  15. Um pardon my ignorance, but how do I do that? I tried to upload attachment pic from my laptop but the file size is just too big..