I got my (gel) nails done!

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  1. And I love them!

    I highly recommend them to everybody.

    These are a gel overlay on my own nails (no tips) but I love how polished an well groomed they look! (too bad the ring shot is blurry, lol!)

    Anyone else addicted to gel nails?

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  2. I used to get these in college because my nails used to be very brittle. Now I can't do anything to my nail except keep them filed and painted clear, with my job it's not worth the up keep the solvents take off any polish.
  3. They look gorgeous! :biggrin:
  4. I got them done before and i wasnt very impressed...they looked very fake and had little tiny bubbles all over :sad:
    I'm glad you had better results than I did :tup:
  5. Can somebody explain to me what gel nails are?
    Mine are perfectly long & natural, but they do get brittle & I hate it when I get chips!
  6. That's how mine are too. I don't like them very much longer than they are.

    The gel acts to prevent the nails from chipping, etc. and the "pink & white" won't chip like regular nailpolish.

    If you've ever had acrylic nails, gel is 1000x nicer, and won't turn your nails yellow like acrylic. Don't be fooled by nail techs that use power to create a "gel" -- those are acrylic nails.

    Gel nails need to be filled like acrylics every 2-3 weeks, but a small price to pay, I think.

    Acrylics can be soaked off in acetone polish remover (i think). Gel would need to be filed off.
  7. Sounds like the answer to my problems! Thank you for explaining.
    I hadn't heard of gel nails up until now.

    & Your nails look great!
  8. My mom does them, it's her "retirement" job. I get mine done every few weeks, I keep mine very short. She does a great job too, very thin, some people do them really thick, they look like chicklets and I can't stand that.
  9. Your nails look great! Does the gel damage your nails at all?
  10. Please let us know how they hold up. My nail tech does gel nails, but she says that acrylics stay on most people better. I don't know - I think gels look more natural, so I really wanted to try them. And they're more expensive, so I never know why she steers me away from them. :confused1:

    My nails grow really well, and are strong, but my polish doesn't stay on - I was doing my french manicure every 3 or 4 days! So I went to pink & whites. I can spend an hour every two weeks easier than every 3 or 4 days. Plus I like going to the salon.
  11. They look beautiful !
  12. Either one could be fine for the client, actually. One is not "safer" than the other and all acrylics do not yellow. Yellowing is a side effect of contamination of either the product or the brush.
  13. Gels are supposedly "better" for your nails, but who knows. I've never actually tried acrylics, so I can't compare.

    Regardless of which method you choose, I can't stress how important it is to find a good tech!

    I've had gels done several times and if they are done wrong they can be very thick, they can lift and bubble (or all of the above).
  14. i used to have them and i did love them but with my job they got horrible. i work with watches. ( pulling crowns and winding watches) the nails were too thick. But they look so pretty on everybody but not for me. BOOOOO sniff sniff
  15. :confused1: ive gotten acrylics and no matter what acetone nail polish remover i tried they wouldn't come off. i had to clip the tips part off and then file away all the rest of it :sad: my fingers hurt a lot after.. well at least i know the people do a good job :P