I got my Fransesco Biasia!

  1. I just got my new Black Shake-It tote from Zappos.com. It's a lovely bag but I was sad to see two faint surface scratches on the leather by the front buckle. They're tough to see from certain angles but then I noticed a few scrapes on the front silver buckle as well. It's no big deal really. I mean I got the bag on sale for 170 when the price is usually 350, but I really don't like those muffs on my hardware. Any tips on getting those off or should I just learn to deal with it. ;) This puppy will be water resisted tonight!
  2. Sorry to hear about the scratches, candypalmer. Hopefully, you'll get tips on how to remove those scratches (if that's possible). It's not too late to return the bag though, is it?
  3. Oh I couldn't possibly return it. It's GORGEOUS! IT's the perfect size and smells good too. ;) I wish my camera worked so I could take a pic!
  4. Francesco Biasia is one of my favorites!! Don't send it back. Start wearing it now. You'll forget all about the teeny little scuffs after a while, because you will add to them after wearing the purse. Great price for such a fabulous leather bag.
  5. Please include a pic.
  6. I read that Zappos has a very good customer service and return shipping is free. You should contact them about getting a new one if it really bothers you.

    3 out of 5 bags I bought from them had imperfections (1. obvious scuffs/small holes on a Lucky Brand leather hobo bag, 2. a DKNY lambskin bag that I think was old stock because the leather was so wrinkled and it broke after 2 use, 3. a canvas bag with falling off buttons which I had to sew myself) :sad:. Too bad I can't return them because I had a friend from the USA buy them for me and I don't really want to bother him returning it. The 2 shoes I bought from them was great though.
  7. Congrats!
  8. I love Biasia. They make great quality everyday bags that look stylish and won't break the bank. Zappos is great.
  9. Thanks guys! Nah it doesn't bother me enough to return it. I've been carrying it to work these last few days and it carrys my lunch and my miscellaneous items wonderfully. Now I have a Biasia and a Tano, my first two designer bags, I'm so thrilled!
  10. I forgot to say congrats on your lovely acquisitions :smile:
  11. [​IMG]
    Congratulations!! Is this the bag you bought? If so, I think it's gorgeous! I love the hardware on the front of the bag, and the detail on the strap is perfect! :drool:
  12. [​IMG]
    Is the one I got. It looks like this only the hardware is silver!
  13. This is so cute!!!
  14. I am so jealous. I want one now.