I got my first RM MAB!! In Ocean/Gold!!!!

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  1. Hi girls, I'm new the tpf and I finally got myself a RM bag. I been wanting one for so long! I got home and i didn't even open it until i took a shower all fresh then i slowly opened the box and tada! LunaBoston wrapped my package sooo nicely, they even had a little gift for me. It is just amazing!:yahoo::wlae:
  2. did you get the soap? :smile:
  3. I'm so bummed that everyone who orders from LB gets soap.... but me!! I didn't get any soap w/ my Tangerine MAM :crybaby:

    Oh well - back to the topic at hand... CONGRATS! Please post some pics when you have a chance -- the Ocean color looks so gorgeous! :yes:
  4. oh congrats!! please please pretty PLEASE post pics!!
  5. yess i got the jasmine soap hehehe:P
  6. congrats hun! Please post some pics ;)
  7. here it iss! can you see the pictures?

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  8. the color is amazing!
  9. The colour is so rich and vibrant and the leather looks wonderfully smooshy!
    Also, your puppy is so adorable!
  10. OMG!!~ the colour looks soooo yummy!! all my doubts for a ocean steady being too stiff are all gone now :love: thanks for the lovely pics... and your cute doggy!!
  11. Its beautiful! I just love that color - it is the essence of summer. It makes me think of sunshine and tropical water.
  12. That color made me :drool: like crazy! shes BEAUUUUUTIFUL! Congrats on your first RM--she's DEFINITLY a keeper!
  13. Congrats on a beautiful bag!! Plus your little doggy is adorable!
  14. :shocked::shocked::shocked:

    That color is beautiful! I love your puppy too!
  15. Oh that little dog is adorable! :biggrin: Love the ocean color.