I got my first orange box!

  1. thanks to that lovely guy who bears my obsession for bags, I got my very first H item!:yahoo:
    He purchased me a twilly as Christmas present, it's sooo cute!
    Does anybody know what's its name? Maybe "golf balls" or something like that?
    I still haven't worn it, I remember that on Hermes site there was a section which was called "playtime with your twilly" where they explained the different ways to wear it, but it's not online anymore. Silly me, I didn't download the file. Anyone can help?
    hermes twilly 003.jpg hermes twilly 004.jpg hermes twilly 005.jpg
  2. That is so cute! Congratulations on your first H!!! It is lovely!
  3. Very cute! Congrats! :smile:
  4. Congratulations on your first H. It also can be tied on your next H, a kelly bag. :smile: Happy holidays. :flowers:
  5. :graucho: I'm thinking about it, but I need a new car soon. I wish I had the money tree:lol:
  6. ROFL!

    But yeah, it's a pretty twilly :smile:
    Welcome to the world of H, where bank balances go lower and happiness goes higher :biggrin:!
  7. Mary, what a pretty twilly. Congratulations on your first H scarf. Wear it well.
  8. maryg1, congratulations on your first H purchase. Love the twilly. A H twilly was also my first H purchase. Enjoy, and put a lot of mileage on her.
  9. thanks for your kind words!
  10. Buy a car first then the kelly. :yes::heart:
  11. Congrats on your first H! What a lovely present :smile:
  12. Congrats, wear it in good health!
  13. I Love This Twilly.....So Pretty!!!!!! It's Fun To Get Orange As Your First Hermes!!!!!!:yes:
  14. Lovely! Congrats to you! Enjoy in good health:yes:
  15. Congratulations!!! Love the twilly!!! Right above the threads is the "search this forum", pull it down and enter tying your twilly. Lots of threads will pop up. I did not see Playtime, but I did see others when I used the word tying. Have Fun!!