I got my first LV!!

  1. After much thoughts, I came home with a Speedy 30.
    Hooray!! :love:
  2. Adorable, it's a bag that will last and stay chic forever ! ;)
  3. Awesome! It looks great on you!
  4. size looks great! congrats!
  5. Looks great! I love mine!!
  6. Congrats! It's a classic beauty...
  7. Congratulations. Everyone deserves to treat themselves :smile:
  8. It's beautiful. :o) I can't wait until I can splurge on one. I told myself I'd get one as a reward, when I make it to wireman.
  9. congratulations. welcome to the cult! it's unstoppable. serioulsy!

  10. Congrats! I'm excited for you! Thanks for posting pic!
  11. Very nice! Enjoy it :smile:
  12. Great bag!!! Enjoy it!!!
  13. Congrats! That's my next bag! I love the classics :love:
  14. yay! Congrats. It's lovely and have fun with it!
  15. Congrats! you're gonna love this bag forever!!!! Make sure you give it a hug for me! ;) hehehe!