I got my first LV! Speedy 35!

  1. I got my first LV for my 4th wedding anniversay. It's a beautiful bag! I thought I would share a pic. Sorry, it's kinda wrinkly :smile:

  2. CONGRATS!!!!Enjoy it!
  3. Thank you!
  4. congratulations! I have one too-I use a large purseket in mine helps with the slouch also makes it easier to find my stuff-looks great on you!
  5. Gorgeous!!! You wear it so well! Congrats!
  6. It looks great on you! Congratulations!
  7. I think I'm going to get the purseket. Will that help with those wrinkles?
  8. gorgeous. congrats.
  9. Congrats! Pretty bag!
  10. aww it look soo good on you :biggrin:
  11. Great choice! Congrats!
  12. Congratulations, it is gorgeous!
  13. Congrats!! I heard people say to stuff it with towels overnight to help with the wrinkles..............
  14. The Wrinkles Will Also Come Out With Use, But Do Stuff It With Towels
  15. congrats on your first LV! i'm dying to get the speedy 35 myself!