i got my first Gucci

  1. it's a new pink bag... shoulder bag.. i'm sooooo loving it:love:
  2. Congrats! but you know you can't tell us that w/o posting a photo!!
  3. Post pic. Love 2 see it. Congrats.
  4. okay... ima go take pictures after dinner and post for you guys
  5. [​IMG]
  6. What a cute bag! I love the shape of it. Congrats on your new lovely!
  7. i love the shape.. they have the beige and black too... i'm obsessed pink :biggrin:
  8. what a beautiful bag!! I love that "pink marshmallow" colour :smile:)
  9. VERY CUTE! LOVE the pink color!
  10. CUTE!!!
    Congrats on your bag!
  11. lovely!!! looks gorgeous on you!!!
  12. thank y'all... you guys are sooo nice
  13. What a gorgeous bag! Congrats!
  14. I love the hardware! Congrats!
  15. oh! that's the bag i've been wanting! do know know if it comes in any other color? the pink looks absolutely lovely on you, but i don't think i'm a pink gal =(