I got my first GH bag!!! Guess which one I got?

  1. The Vert Gazon day bag!!!

    And it was THE LAST ONE at Balny. The sales assistant was holding it for me. When I arrived she told me she was receiving calls about it.

    This bag is INCREDIBLE. The pictures don't even do it any justice: The thick glazed leather. The oversized gold zippers that POP. Hands down, this is now my favourite Balenciaga.

    And its my first bright colour!! :yahoo: Talk about standing out in the streets of NY when you carry it!!! I've only seen girls with the black city GH so this is a REAL show stopper!!!! My boyfriend even gasped when he saw it: "OMG!!! Your bag!!! Its Green!!!?"

    (my others are 2 blacks and 1 caramel).

    I have the bug. I want another one :graucho: Yes that's right. another one. I'm already deciding what colour/style to get... I tried on the truffle day which is gorgeous but I'm thinking a diff shape now. Maybe a blue? I'll have to see.

    I included shots to see how it stands out against light or dark clothes. I'm in SERIOUS LOVE. I wore it when I left Balny - I just could not wait to put it on :supacool:
    DSC03492.jpg DSC03478.jpg DSC03481.jpg DSC03485.jpg DSC03488.jpg
  2. Wow - it's beautiful! Great choice!
  3. Congratulations!! It's beautiful and looks so good on you!! You definitely wear it well.:yes:
  4. you look gorgeous with your stunning VG. congrats!
  5. THERE ARE NO WORDS!!! :yahoo:

    Not only is that an amazing bag but it is so GORGEOUS on you!

    Now THIS is it!
  6. [​IMG]





    Karenab - Congrats for ur new VG GH bag...wow, i jus love the VG color, isn't she fabulous:yahoo: :yahoo:
  7. Okay, the leather on yours is sooo smooth and perfect! Mine's all distressy, but I love it anyway. Gorgeous bag! It looks wonderful on you!
  8. Hey you! Thanks!!! The mod pics were for your benefit :p

    Thanks for all your help. As always.

    I'm already thinking about what will the next style and colour be that I should get. These GH bags are amazing...I like the truffle right now but will have to return to look at some other colours....
  9. Both you and your bag look awesome! Congrats - it's truly gorgeous! I love the GH with that color!
  10. Are they gonna order more? It seems to me that they already got a second shipment, right, since I thought they had run out long ago... I absolutely love it!!!
  11. I actually prefer the distressy one but being this is the last one I had to take what was left! I'm cool though. Funny thing is, on the back part its a bit more distressed than the front which is more smooth.
  12. It's gorgeous! This is one of my favorite bags this year. It looks stunning on you! Congrats :party:
  13. That bag looks gorgeous on you! You are gorgeous! Wow!!! Congrats! :woohoo: :woohoo: :woohoo:
  14. Ahh okay. I don't know on that one. I did call a while back and an assistant told me that they were getting in a shipment of Vert Gazon bags. I didn't do anything about it until this week when I called up and I held the last one.

    Maybe there's more coming behind?
  15. You look so cute with it.:yes: Congrats. :yahoo: I love it.:wlae: