I got my FIRST designer jeans today!!

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  1. I got my FIRST designer jeans today and they are so comfortable it's unbelievable! :love: In the past, jeans are just jeans to me. It's hard for me to find one that will fit me so nicely since I have a flat Asian butt that I simply give up. I only buy jeans if I really need to. :lol: But after being on PF for so long and hearing all these over $100 to $200 jeans talk I finally decided to spluge on one and test it out myself. So went to Nordstrom today and bought myself a TRUE RELIGION Joey jeans. And gosh, they are soooooo comfy that you know they were made in high quality. Right now, my jeans are getting altered so can't pick it up until next week but I'm still dancing with excitement right now. :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:This forum is bad bad bad... :graucho:

    So what other nice jeans do you girls recommend? I tried on Seven and Citizens of Humanity today but ended up choosing True Religion instead. This is not going to be good for my thin wallet. :P
  2. I LOVE Seven jeans, they make my flat butt look a lil better! You must wear yours this Sat! :biggrin:
  3. Well I am a HUGE designer jean fan... HUGE HUGE HUGE!!!! It depends how you like your jeans and I also think diff designers fit better for diff body types- but some of my favs are True Religion, R&R, Citizens, Antik Denim, Paige Denim, Chip and Pepper... oh boy I could go on and on!!

    Congrats though...

    on your NEW addiction!! :yes:
  4. I'll try if I can pick them up before this Sat. :graucho:
  5. Ooohh... :shocked: I'm taking notes down viciously right now!
  6. Congratulations !!! they're very sexy jeans. I also like Rock and Republic jeans,
  7. Now that you know how they fit, you can buy them online! I buy all my jeans with 20-30% off codes, seems like atleast one site out there has a code on any given day. Makes buying them a little less painful
  8. Congrats, and welcome to a veryyy dangerous addiction! ;)
  9. Congrats on your first pair! Once you start you will never look back. Trust me. I have more than 30 pairs and that was with a lot of restraint on my part! I'm sure you look great: Joeys are a great choice!
  10. Will all the True Religion jeans in a certain size all fit the same? I know sometimes I can fit size 27 for a certain style and size 28 for another style of jeans.
  11. If its the same style ie joey then yeah. Some washes run big/small but not really enough to change sizes.

    The different styles run different, mostly the sammys. They tend to run big IMO. Joeys and bobbys I can wear the same size, even though bobbys are cut a little slimmer. I always size down in stretch.
  12. Congrats! Joey stretch was my first designer jean last year & I can't get enough of them! They are soo comfortable & fit so well!

    Also, I have the Joey Stretch in size 24 & those are really the only pair that fit me in True Religions that I have tried on so far. The rest run a little big, likely because I have the stretch. Just wanted to give another frame of reference!
  13. ^^^ Thanks ladies! :yes::amuse:
  14. How are Rock and Republics? I am interested in getting a pair; I wear AG's because they are forgiving of my hips.
  15. i LOVE true religions! i have 4 pairs. but i am a big sevens fan. i have like 10 pairs. they fit really well. paiges are my new love! they are fantastic. ;D