I got my first Coach!

  1. I posted a couple of weeks ago about how I am considering a Chelsea mineral satchel. Well, after being stuck at the airport for 8 hours last week with a crappy bag that dug into my shoulder I decided to make the leap and got a black legacy shoulder (the kind with two flaps) bag on eBay. I needed a black bag in the worst way. It just came and I loooove it!! It is the perfect sized bag. I'm probably still going to get the mineral. Tonight I'm going to the boutique so I check everything out before I make my final decision. I'll try to post pics of me and the shoulder when I get a chance.
  2. OOOOO can't wait to see!! :tup:
  3. Sounds like a gorgeous bag! So glad that you got your first, Coach bags are really amazing, you won't regret it. Post pics when you can!
  4. Congratulations.
  5. i certanily know the experience, i got my first coach on this past christmas, it was the black soho large flap, now i'm hooked, for my anniversary i told my husband that i wanted the ivory and brown cotton shoulder bag, it is so beautiful, but i don't know, now i'm thinking about getting glasses or a wallet, uhh so many choice, and an un understanding husband
  6. pics pics pics!!!
  7. LOVE the shoulder bag! I just got one also. I also LOVE the Chelsea mineral satchel! I think that bag is so pretty! You could easily use it year-round and it has a ton of room. Too bad satchels and I don't get along. LOL......not liking the hobo. Satchel is definitely a better looking bag IMO. CONGRATS on your new Coach bag!
    Enjoy her!
  8. Congratulations!!! Enjoy the "new bag" feeling as long as possible!
  9. That's great! I have a Legacy shoulder too (2006 version) and it's my absolute FAVE...you are going to love it!

  10. Congrats! Coach is a great bag for a great price!
  11. Congrats! Enjoy!
  12. Great! Youll love whatever Coach you end up deciding on!
    Make sure to post pictures for us!
  13. congrats!
  14. Congrats!
  15. cant wait to see!