I got my first Chloe today!!! =)

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  1. Hi ladies, this is my first post in the Chloe forum, I am normally in LV and Bal, but I may be coming here more now!:p

    Well, I have exams coming up and i am a bit down about them, naturally!! I haven't purchased a bag for a while so i have been getting new bag twitches!!Lol, but figured I would wait until my exams are over!!!:sad:

    Anyway, my Mum brought me my first Chloe today!!!

    Its a blanc bay pouch!!!:love:

    Yummy!!! I am in love!!! I love her!!! She is so sweet and little, perfect for a going out bag when you don't want to carry a lot!!!

    I adore the colour!!! I seriously need to get something else in this colours creamy white!! I have my eye on a bay or dome paddy!:graucho:

    So I just wanted to share! Pics soon xxx

    Also, I love the way it has a face!!lol xx
  2. enjoy!!this may be the beginning of a new relationship!!!Break a leg for your exams...
  3. Here are this pics, sorry for the poor quality, the sun has gone to bed here!


    Enjoy xx
  4. She is lovelly:drool: Enjoy her.:heart:
  5. Sooo cute! I haven't seen this style before? And I understand about the creamy white fixation. That color just works so well in the summer months!!!
  6. Very cute!!! Congrats and welcome:welcome: to a new addiction;):p!!!!
  7. oh wow....he is sooo cute! you deserve her
  8. What a beauty--congrats!!
  9. What an adorable bag, haven't seen this style before, congrats -- really cute!!

    Oh, and WELCOME to Chloe!!
  10. Thank you everyone!!! =)
    I am taking her out tonight to go partying with me, lol!!!

    I know I hadn't seen it before either but she is soo adorable!!

    Yes, it is an addiction, noooooooooo!!! Lol, yes I have the baby bay, i need a mama bay now!!!
  11. welcome to the chloe parts of this forum, lovely bag also!
  12. What a cute little bag - love her!!!
  13. Very cute!!