I got my first Chanel today!

  1. Classic lambskin large flap with silver hardware! :heart:



    I'm not sure if I should have gone with lambskin or caviar...

    but I chose lambskin because it's what I've always wanted...


    Just wanted to share :smile:
  2. looks so timeless, makes me wanna cheat on Louis Vuitton. uhm, so what's your natural hair color? haha:smile: nice blog!
  3. ^ why don't i see the dust bag? don't tell me she didn't give you one???
  4. i love lambskin... but i'm so so so bad with it i avoid it at all costs!!! unless i find a really cute and TDF bag. otherwise, it's non-lambskin all the way. i have the ultimate soft which i'm contemplating of letting go. i'm just not a lambskin girl, but good on you !!! that's a fab buy! thank god you got it before the price increase!!!

  5. Supposedly there's not going to be a price increase in Australia.

    I've heard three stories.

    1. We're part of the Australasian region, which means that the price increase doesn't apply to us.
    2. The SA doesn't know about it.
    3. There is no price increase.

    I just went ahead and bought it just in case.

    I did get a dustbag, it's just not pictured :p

    My natural hair colour is black (asian) but atm it's about a million shades of brown :smile:
  6. congrats, lambskin is my fave too.

    Just be careful, treat her well, and I am sure you will be fine with it :smile:
  7. Congrats! Lambskin is so plush... enjoy your new bag!
  8. great bag!!! Enjoy it!!!!!
  9. congrats... a nice classic piece!
  10. Congrats! It's beautiful and timeless :yes: Thanks for sharing.
  11. ohh, really? the price increase doesn't apply to australasian region?

    could you tell me more? :confused1:
  12. It's so beautiful!! I love lambskin to pieces. I actually think that the white anniversary box looks quite nice :yes:
  13. Congratulations on your gorgeous classic Chanel :nuts:and welcome to our club :welcome:!I just love lambskin !Take extra care of her! oh and keep your lovely kitty away!:smile:
  14. Thanks for sharing the pics! I have a red lambskin flap bag too but i jus love her so much~But the tricky part is u have to take extra special care when using her since the leather is so delicate.

    But it's leather is the beauty, yet soft and gorgeous~

    Congrats once again:yahoo::yahoo:

  15. Was there confirmation that it was worldwide?

    The SA I spoke to said that it didn't because they didn't hear about it.

    Australia Chanel has no idea what's going on. We only have like.. black and beige bags :angel:

    I'm assuming it will hit us here as well, they just don't know about it.