I got my first Chanel! *happiness*

  1. I have always wanted to do one of these! :p So I figured that it would be perfect to do it w/ my first Chanel ever...

    A bag teaser surprise!
    8-29-07 001.jpg 8-29-07 003.jpg
  2. ok, lets see....
  3. How exciting, can we have a little hint!!
  4. :popcorn:Ok, let the show begin.....
  5. the box seems petite..
  6. Congrats! I have a black leather drawstring Chanel with the CC stitched into it, and a caviar 2.55 in beige that never fail to make me feel special, and RICH, wherever I go...enjoy!
  7. Here we go...
    8-29-07 004.jpg 8-29-07 005.jpg
  8. pass me some popcorn purrrfect! :popcorn:

    i'll pass you one of these while we wait :drinks:
  9. It is something petite, that is true... ;)
  10. mini flap?
  11. More pics, plus some pics of what my kitty was doing w/ the lovely Chanel ribbon and tissue paper meanwhile... :p
    8-29-07 2 002.jpg 8-29-07 006.jpg 8-29-07 008.jpg 8-29-07 2 001.jpg
  12. love the kitty!!
  13. :popcorn:
  14. i can't stand the suspense!
  15. Hmm...
    8-29-07 007.jpg