i got my first chanel, but...

  1. i finally got my chanel, it the GST with silver hardware. i love it, but now am having second thoughts about it and thinking of exchanging it for the small timeless classic tote with the full zipper. I think it's cute, small though. what should i do, i'm conflicted by the decision.
  2. Hmm - personally I'd hang on to the GST. I just love that bag. It's beautiful and functional. And with the silver hardware - oh, stunning.
  3. I'd keep the GST....Love the look of that bag!!!!
  4. I'd keep the GST - it's much more functional and a stunning, timeless bag
  5. The GST is so hot and a must-have in a Chanel collection. Plus did you see how great it looked on Rebecca Romijn in Ugly Betty?
  6. i loveeeeeeeeeeeeee mu gst with s/h....def a keeper
  7. Keep your GST! I love mine and would never give it up.
  8. it's a great bag, keep it.
  9. Keep it!!! :tup:

    It is a great bag and I am sure you would miss it - if you took it back. Great bag to start your collection with..:smile:
  10. another vote to keep the GST!
  11. I vote keep it too! I was on the fence about the GST, but that was because the gold HW seemed a little too dressy for what I was looking for; just got it in silver last week and I adore it! I think I will carry it forever (along with its sister, the Cerf) :yes:
  12. GST!! One of my favorite Chanel's!!!
  13. I love the GST- thats a great bag!
  14. Definitely keep the gst, it also has a timeless look
  15. Defs the GST. It's so nice and practical!