I got my first Chanel bag

  1. :love:
    I got my first Chanel bag today. It is the pink Cambon medium tote bag. I love it more than words can say. It is just perfect in every way. It is so beautiful.....:smile: I bought the pink Cambon zip wallet/purse about 2 weeks ago and it is now my favorite wallet. It fits in the tote but does take up a bit more room than I wished. I am trying to limit what I carry so I feel this is a light bag. I now feel this is the start of a addiction..... I only bought LV for ages. And now you can laugh but I am ready to sell almost all my LV bags to buy more Chanel. I am just so happy. I really wished I bought 2 bags on sale.
    Looking forward to learning more about Chanel and all the great bags, I already have my eye on the bowler bag, I saw one in a bronze brown leather that really caught my eye.
  2. Pics!!! Congrats!
  3. Oh, Congrats! You better post pics, asap!
  4. Congrads !! I know you'll be buying more chanel ;) its an addiction !
  5. Ah, you started a new thread. :biggrin: I just posted to your old one about which bag you got!

    Yes, Chanel is addictive. I lusted after the cambon beige/black reporter for years, finally purchased it on sale, and now I'm contemplating my next purchase as soon as funds free up.
  6. I was also an LV person until I bought my Chanel tote last year. I adore it and just recently purchased a lux bowler. The down side is how expensive Chanel is, but it has become so addicting.
  7. I love the beige the black combo too..it works with every outfit :heart: