I got my first Chanel and I'm hooked!

  1. There's just something so classic about carrying a Chanel! I'm forever drooling over all these gorgeous handbags so my mom decided to buy this for me for my graduation from graduate school!

    The only problem is that now I'm greedy and I want more! Hopefully with my new degree I can pull in the big bucks and there will be many more of these in my future, haha. :p

  2. ^congratz!!!
    be careful of chanel bugs!LOL!!
    welcome to the club then :p
  3. YUMM!! the leather on that looks YUMMY!

    welcome to the club, your first but DEFINITELY not last!
  4. Lovely!! Congrats. =)
  5. Congrats, nice bag
  6. Thanks guys! :smile: I went into the store intending on buying the black GST and I just fell in love with this one. Maybe next time I'll pick up the GST.
  7. Welcome to your new addiction!
  8. congrats!!!!! welcome to the addictive world of chanel... everytime i buy a bag i tell myself "that's it, no more" but obviously it never happens lol. Enjoy the new bag, and may it be the 1st of many! :biggrin:
  9. Congrats on your degree and on your first chanel!And of course welcome to the club,he he!:drinks:
  10. congrats, welcome to the forum of addiction.:wlae:
  11. Congratulations on graduation from graduate school. You mother was so sweet to get you something so special for the occassion. I have to warn you there are enablers here on this board. I was Chanel-less last year. Now I have one Chanel purse and 2 Chanel wallets..... I am looking for my 2nd purse but due to all the beautiful pictures they keep posting I can't make up my mind.
    Good luck.
  12. Congratulations! Welcome to join our big family. You know, I'm sure you will have a lot more, especially after your graduation. Chanel is so tempting!!! I just can't stop after my 1st Chanel only few months ago..... So Scarrrryyyyyy!!!!


  13. Its beautiful. Enjoy your first, and many more - I'm sure.
  14. Congratulations, it's beautiful!! I had been debating on getting a Chanel for a while, but it looks like I'll have to wait for a little bit
  15. beautiful bag !!!
    welcome to the wonderful world of Chanel !!!!
    Its official, you are addicted..you want more, more, more