I GOT MY FIRST CHANEL! and I am sooooo in love!

  1. Here she is! I am so in love! I went down to the Chanel boutique yesterday and put a lamb leather flap bag on hold. When I came back today, I saw this and just loved it so much more! Plus, I thought the lamb leather seemed a little fragile for me. When I was paying for it, another SA came in and said that they weren't supposed to sell it because it just came in today and it was a spring bag...I'm not really sure. I have no idea what it's called or anything, all I know is that I LOVE IT!

    I'm already in my pj's so I took pics on my mannequin!
    IMG_5623.JPG IMG_5625.JPG IMG_56242.JPG IMG_56262.JPG
  2. I LOVE it! Hehe I need a mannequin for modeling pics like that lol. Love your LV accessories too.
  3. Congrats!!! love your new bag:smile::drool:, do you happen to know what other color are avail??
  4. I'm not 100% positive, but I think they said something about beige???
  5. Thanks!, is yours yellow h/w or silver hw, can't really tell:confused1:
  6. I love it. congrats!!!! It look alot like my rock and chain bag
  7. silver!
  8. sweet, do you have a pic?
  9. I am in love with your bag. So roomy, too! :tup:
  10. Love it!!! Congrats on your first Chanel!!!! Woo-hoo!!!
  11. Wow it it so gorgeous, congrats!
  12. that bag is so pretty may i know how much that retails for and what is the name of the bag :smile:
  13. love it, can i have the style #?
  14. It really is! and I was shocked at how soft it is!
  15. Wow! This bag is really growing on me. Is it slouchy or more structured? Also, how light/heavy is the bag?? :confused1: