I Got My First Box!!!

  1. I just received my first B Bag in the box style, and I love it!!! It is a great bag for night time and it holds alot! I took it with me to NYC last night and broke it in! It is the Cognac color and I bought it from a fellow PFer, MRG! I will post pictures when I figure out exactly how to do it! Thanks MRG!! It is beautiful!!!:yahoo:
  2. :yahoo: CONGRATS COLLEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:yahoo:

    You love the caramels and so do I!!!!!!!!!!!!:love:
  3. congrats colleen!
  4. Congrats :yahoo: I love Caramel too.:yes:
  5. Thanks Zacorey!! I truly think the caramels are the most beautiful color!! I melt every time I see one! I love your caramel city bag!:drool:
  6. ^^^Thank you! I love ALL your caramels!!!!!!!!
  7. congrats!
  8. Umm~ Colleen do you need me to help you post???????? Want to see this bag!!!!!!!!!!!

    I am intrigued by this style, just got into bbags. I think the box style is actually the best shape. Can't wait to see your pics.
  10. I am thinking about a box as well... I really love the 'satchel' look... LV Speedy 30 is one of my favorite purse shapes... anybody have a box and Speedy 30? How do they compare size-wise?
  11. Pics please.
  12. PICS please. I love caramels and I love the box. :love:
  13. Colleen, I'm so glad you love it. How can you not?! It is a beautiful color and I'm glad it went to such a sweet PFer!
  14. congrats!!! i have a black box and i love it!!! glad you do too!!!
  15. congrats! I have a magenta box and love it to no end. the box is great!