I got my first Bal accesory

  1. I am so excited because I have been wanting a money wallet for a while now and I just hadnt been able to get one. I finnaly did! :yahoo:

    So here is my new (to me) money wallet. Its pre-loved but you wouldn't be able to tell! Next on the accesory list: a bright colored coin purse!

    (Sorry about the horrible camera phone pictures, but I'm at work)
    walletb.JPG walletb1.JPG
  2. ConGrats!!! :tup:
  3. Congratulations! The money wallet is THE BEST wallet, ever! I have and use one, myself, and love it.

    Pre-loved items are great....
  4. [​IMG]
    Love it!!!
  5. I love getting good deals on beautiful things, don't you? Your wallet is lovely! Congrats!!
  6. I have the anthracite money wallet and it is my favorite wallet ever!!!!!!!
    I love yours, what color is it????
  7. It's black, I originally wanted a 'color' but the deal on this one was too good to pass, and you can never go wrong with black.:p
  8. Congrats! its a gorgeous accessory.
  9. I want one too. I think that is a great size... I am using a Gucci money wallet now but the coin section is always popping open and my coins falling out. Time for a replacement ;)
  10. Congrats!! You can never go wrong with a black wallet!!
  11. I love it! I would have gotten black too. =)
  12. Congrats!! It's lovely. I almost got a black one. I just got myself the steel/plomb one several days ago!
  13. Really elegant - an excellent choice.
  14. Very cool, congrats on the 1st accessory!
  15. Congrats, it's beautiful! I want an accessory, but I somehow find it harder to justify than a bag.