I got my FAVORITE NEW BAG in the mail today!! *lots of pictures!!

Sep 30, 2008
Boulder, Colorado
:yahoo: I was deciding for a while what bag I wanted to get, I saw a lot I liked but nothing that made say "OMG!". I finaly decided on this Elliot Lucca bag. I got it on Overstock.com. The price on the Elliot Lucca tag is $298, I payed $139 with free shipping (used an online code). I knew my bag was waiting for me when I got home from class an hour ago and I decided If I did not LOVE it, it was going back. To my surprise I Freaggin LOVEEEEE this bag! :love: It is the the smooshy best black leather bag ever, it felt heavy at first when I opened the package but its not heavy on the shoulder. I love the HW and the fact that the zipper on the inside is metal and not plastic (agh like my last coach). Even tho its a slouchy bag, it doesnt turn into a black hole of no return when i put my stuff in it (probably because its thin with wise)...oh and the braiden handles, dont even get me started:P. Elliot Lucca might just be my new obsession:biggrin: