I got my Fashion Bailout wallet

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  1. [​IMG]

    Orig pictures in this thread, don't wanna double post!


    pictures here, it's gorgeous and I love it and never want to have another wallet! I only have small teeny tiny issue.

    On the front, or back..whatever of the wallet,where the zipper pocket is, there marks from another fashion bailouts* or something zipper imprinted on it, that should go away eventually, and also there is a few of small scratches on the pocket and inside. I do not think I should return it because of this cause it is leather and stuff will scuff it up eventually being in there with keys and all my crap in my purse and that's pretty much how leather is but when I get new stuff I like it to be flawless :P. Am I being insane? did anyone else experience this with their stuff? I got a used rebecca minkoff bag and that thing didn't have a single mark on it and still doesn't, but this leather is a lot stiffer so could it just be prone to rubs and scratches? I am just asking for the future. I adore leather and know each cut of it has it's quirks.

    I hope you guys enjoy the pictures, this wallet is UBER functional! the slots are divine, smells so good, and a perfect compliment to my bag. I a-d-o-r-e it.
  2. very nice! it looks very functional~slim yet holds a lot. just got my right time and there are a couple of tiny marks and as long as they are not noticeable, i really don't mind. with usage and banging here and there, scuffs and marks are inevitable. adds character!
  3. Your pictures are incredible!!!! Love it, the black with the purple is so pretty! :smile:
  4. I hope I tempt other people to get it, it's super gorgeous. I've seen a lot less useful wallets sell for A LOT more. This thing holds everything, even my cellphone, my ipod separately. iPod Classic! the thing is sleek and gorgeous. I'm not crying over little scuffs. I love love love leather..especially black/ or other dark colors yum!
  5. Absolutely GORGEOUS!!!! The fashion bailout is a great wallet!!!

    Congrats and enjoy!!
  6. Nothing is a pretty as black crunch. Lovely wallet!

  7. I've just fallen in love with this wallet minutes ago seeing it posted on another thread...its so great!
  8. Congrats on the FB!
  9. Nice. I've been wanting a Tano wallet. sigh.
  10. Wow - I absolutely love it. May have to have one. Thanks for the gorgeous enabling photos!
  11. gorgeous - congrats! great pics!