I got my Ergo tote and I loooove it!

  1. I got my Ergo tote today and I am so in love! It's absolutely perfect! I was afraid that it would be a tad too small but it's not.


    AND... I also had this waiting for me in my mailbox!


    I am thrilled that I got the perfume sample but a little disgusted with myself for having spent so much money that I got one. :shame:
  2. Mokoni:

    Congratulations on your Ergo Tote. It is lovely.
    I have the same tote in Turquoise and find it a bit small for my needs.
    I have the large one coming tomorrow to my Coach Boutique and I will
    make a decision on which one I am keeping. Enjoy carrying
    your tote. It is lovely.
  3. ^Thanks, Liz! If you can, please post photos of the regular and large totes side-by-side -- I'd love to see the difference. I really think that this size will work for me but I love the turnlock on the large one.
  4. I will most certainly post pictures when I have both of them
    side by side.
  5. Oh, Liz! What do you think of the color? I lean towards getting the Camel since I think I'll use it alot more but the turquoise looks so pretty! I've been calling all day to Macy's from coast to coast to get this bag with my store credit! I found one that is on hold for someone else but if it isn't picked up by tomorrow it's mine! I hate waiting!

    Mokoni! I'm so sorry! My bad manners! Your bag is gorgeous!! Can you post a pic of it carried? Does it fit on your shoulder? Thanks!
  6. Congrats, it's beautiful! :smile:
  7. Love it! Congrats!
  8. tlloveshim:

    The Small Leather Ergo fits on your shoulder or in your hands.
    The same for the Large one. I got the turquoise because I already
    own eight bags in the brown family (3 camel color ones). Coach has never
    done this beautiful turquoise color before and there's no telling if they will do
    it again, so it is the turquoise color for me. I also wear alot of brown and camel all year round. The turquoise will work great for me in Spring and Summer and right into Fall 2007. Look at what you already have and get the color that you need in your wardrobe. I need color so I am getting color.

  9. pics please, pics please!
  10. how pretty! post pics of you modeling it, if you can.

    and don't feel too bad about spending so much money that you got a sample. i'm sure a LOT of coach tpfers are in the same boat. :yes:
  11. OK, let me ask something else... I like the turnlock on the large but wonder with it being a tote if I'll end up knocking it around alot and bashing the turnlock. I have a gallery mini skinny that I really like but that little turnlock thingy on the front really gets in the way! LOL! Does the smaller one have the striped lining also? Sorry for all these questions. I thought I was settled on this and now I'm waivering!
  12. Okay, please excuse my ugliness - I was just getting ready to go work out. :p I am not sure which is worse -- me or the half-painted wall behind me.

  13. yay!! love the tote!!! its super cute!
  14. Nice bag!
  15. Teena, the small one does have the striped lining. Good point about the turnlock - I never though about that. The turnlock looks cute but it might not be the most practical. The buckles on the sides of my gallery tote stick out and I have to be really careful.