I got my Edith!!!

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  1. roo, is that a medium? color looks good!
  2. Yeppers, the color looks a bit smoother in the photos, IRL its distressed and different tones.

    Today has been hectic and Mr Roo is home from work sick too, so I need some alone bonding time!!

    The verdict though seems to be that everyone thinks she's pretty. The only thing I will comment on is that the leather seems stiffer than I expected, but when you touch it, it is sorta scrunchy and gives me the impression it is a lot like a motorcycle bag (not meaning to steal from Balenciaga) but that it will soften up as you touch it.

    Thanks for all your posts! I'll let you know how it goes! AND THANK YOU AGAIN everyone for helping me find this!!!
  3. congrats!! so exciting!
  4. Roo, what do you think about the color?
  5. Congratulations to you, Roo - She is a ~~BEAUTIFUL~~ bag!!!! I LOVE the chamois and the leather is just lovely!!! :love:

    I'm sure with use her leather will break in and soften up!!!
  6. It's absolutely gorgeous, Roo! Congrats!!!!
  7. I like the color a lot actually. But I can see how some might think the color and texture might be more like a well weathered patina-ed leather on the LV mono bags. The only thing I can compare this leather color and texture to is the case for the leatherman tool my husband has. I know that may sound strange but it is very similar and the case is actually really nice leather.

    I do think this will soften up and to be honest, the more I look at these, the more I think the USED ones are going to be collector's items. Seriously.

  8. I love it Roo! Definitely not a Chucky. I prefer a more pebbled texture but in the Chamois, the smooth suits the color moreso than the darker colors. I know I won't be disappointed if my Chamois arrives with a smoother texture, but I really dislike the smooth chocolates.
  9. Congrats to all you crazy, hysterically funny gals! Makes me want to locate a chucky just to locate a chucky but I do not need a chucky!!!
  10. Roo, congrats on FINALLY getting her!!!!! YAY~~~
  11. Awww, I'm growing to love the Edith !! Congrats!!! :love:
  12. One thing that is important to note: this bag looks much lighter in person than in photos. Not that it's bad- but just different. I would compare the color to a very light buttery beige- not the golden-y beige it looks like in some of the photos. It almost reminds me of whitewashed pine. I do feel over time it will get darker and softer. But I think that is the one thing that takes people aback when they see it for the first time. I believe the Large Chamois is a bit darker- it may be that they used thicker leather due to the size and also with the idea in mind that it may be used as luggage. My guess is that the thicker leather develops the patina-ed look faster. Just a guess but it makes sense to me.
  13. ROO! It did come! That is definitely not a chucky. Beauuuutiful. Love the way it's perfectly wrinkled :love: :love: :love:
  14. Edith has arrived --- Paddy, Betty, Molly and Gladys welcomed her openly! LOVE the black stitching .......... pictures soon! HELP, I gotta stop, I can't afford to keep these girls in circulation!!