I got my Edith!!!

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  1. Breaking news from Roo-ville: Package is on Fedex truck today and out for delivery.

    So I feel somewhat vindicated, if I had not had that TRACKING NUMBER I would not have known it was coming today!!!

    I will post pics later...
  2. Do Not Leave The House!!!

    Do Not Use The Bathroom!!!
  3. Mr Roo is home today and has been instructed to stand by until the eagle has landed!!! :nuts:
  4. Any word yet, Roo? I can't wait to hear your review!

    I just scored my large Chamois from NM and it wasn't immediately cancelled like the last two. In fact, it still shows up on the site so either they got a blast of returns or a small shipment. YAY!

  5. I called Saks and they are calling me back. Looks like my Tuesday purchase hasn't even been shipped yet. ARGHHH :sick:
  6. Oh my goodness, Chic! :sad2: They sat on it for three days?
  7. Looks that way. I am so PO'd. I could have driven to Beverly Hills and back. Plus I had to pay for shipping! :mad:
  8. Daisy - congrats on scoring big chamois!!! Poo on Saks Beverly Hills, chic....
  9. She's heeeere!!! I am buried in work right now so I was only able to take her out and glance at her for a few minutes.

    A few comments: the leather is stiffer than I expected- but it also appears to be pretty flexible so I think with use, this thing will soften up.

    I think Daisy's bag looks prettier, but it may also be the photos. The jury is out (right now) about whether this is a Chucky... :P

    I do know, that I don't want to hassle with returning this to where I bought it, so if I decide to part with it and find another, I'll likely sell it on eBay...

    I will say that I love the design of the bag and also the leather you can tell will last FOREVER... :love:

    What do you all think?

  10. What the heck is it with shipping glitches this week? Sheeeeesh!!!
  11. I don't think your bag is a Chucky ;)

    I think it is BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!! :nuts: :biggrin: :P :love:
  12. You are so sweet. I need to sit down and bond with her a little more... but I do think no matter what, I will own an Edith in this color... and the more I look at her, the more she grows on me. :love:
  13. Roo, I think I like yours better than mine! They both seem to have pretty smooth leather but somehow I am digging yours more...

    Thanks, Blu! I paid for overnight shipping so it should be here early next week. Actually, I have a secret... I ordered one from BG too and that order seems to have gone through as well. I will (hopefully) have three bags arriving next week! :nuts: Did I mention I got Chocko too?
  14. Oh Roo that is gorgeous!!! Absolutely gorgeous!!! :nuts: :nuts: :nuts:

    No chucky whatsoever! I am so happy for you! :biggrin:

    I hope you grow to love it quickly :love:

    DH is chasing me out the door for weekend/no-PF therapy so I'll be back Sunday to hear the verdict! Congrats!!

  15. Daisy you're killing me here!! :lol: :lol: :lol: I needed that one last belly laugh before spending two days with DH, dawgs and no bags and PF! Bye!