I got my Edith!!!

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  1. roey, i really think med edith chamois may darken from being in elements like LV leather, so if you want it to darken, dont keep it in felt bag and dont treat it with conditioners.
  2. Gee, yesterday I used my whiskey for the first time in over a week and I found myself really missing chamois! Got Leshammy under the desk today and all is right with the world...!
  3. blugenie, you have the best sense of humor! is leshammy your med chamois. i am goign to be an aunt to suntanned mega chamois if you get it.
  4. :lol: Sorry chaussurewhore I won't be making you a mega-auntie any time soon! I keep wanting to see it IRL but LeShammy and Chucky 2 would be fatherless if I brought another wrinkly ol' bag in the house! :hrmm: I don't feel my med chamois is pasty looking, but then that is in comparison to ME! :amazed:
  5. EDITH UPDATE!: My bag should be here on Monday. They sent it yesterday via Fedex economy.

    I did, however, have a very interesting conversation with Bob Ellis shoes today (the place I found the bag). I called the SA who helped me with the bag, and he was unavailable. I left him a message on his voicemail asking for the tracking number on the package (pretty standard, right?) So anyway, he called back and I missed his call. He left a message, but no tracking number. So when I returned his call, he was out for lunch and I got another SA. Here's a recap of our conversation:

    Me: "Hi, I'm returning Bill's (SA) call"
    Her: "Oh, hi, is this (Roo)?"
    Me: "Hi! Yes it is, I was hoping I could get the tracking number on the package he sent me"
    Her (snarky tone): "Oh, well, we don't give those out...but your package will arrive on Monday..."
    Me: "Oh, er, well, I would really feel more comfortable with a tracking number, if you could give it to me please...?"
    Her (snarky again): "Well, we don't give those out. WE track the package for you. WHY DO YOU NEED IT?"
    Me: "First of all, after spending $1200 on a bag, I should not NEED a reason for the tracking number. I paid for the bag, so the bag is technically mine, and I think I have a right to know where it is, do I not? Is it unreasonable for me to ask for it?"
    Her: (snarky AGAIN) "Well, just a minute, this is not our procedure!" (phone goes 'clunk')
    Me: (Waiting, getting more pixxed off by the minute)
    Her: (sounding like she's being majorly inconvenienced) "Here is the number...." (gives me the number)
    Me: "Thank you very much, also, what is your name? Are you a manager?"
    Her: "(Gives name), no, I am not a manager, but would you like to talk to one?" (sounds like she is challenging me!)
    Me: (ALWAYS up for a challenge) "WHY YES, I think I would!"

    A few minutes later, Manager comes on the line.

    I explained to him that I found it rather rude and OFFENSIVE that I was given the third degree about MERCHANDISE that I have PAID FOR and would like the tracking information on. He goes on to tell me that it is "unusual" for customers to ask for that information. I explained to him that in my world, if I order something, I am usually provided with this information, and if I ask, it's provided to me without it being the freakin' inquisition... He apologized and said he understood. Also, I like to track my orders, it is part of the fun and has MANY TIMES helped me circumvent problems with delivery!

    Ok, now ladies, if I were being unreasonable, you are WELCOME to tell me I am being a total tard about this. But I don't think it's out of line at ALL to ask for that information, do you?

    What the heck is wrong with some of these businesses, anyway??

    Man this bag better not be a chucky because after this, I am not sure I could return it! :P
  6. Roo, you were by no means unreasonable. I am the same way; I like to track my packages in the case of a problem, or if I need to be home to sign for something I'll know when to expect it. I also have a VERY nosey landlord who lives downstairs and would rather her not see the labels on my packages and where they are coming from. She would probably raise my rent! :evil:

    I went through the third degree with Nordstrom to try to upgrade my Chamois to 2 day air from ground and someone in the distribution center screwed up. Now they are waiting for the package to arrive in DHL's main hub in Ohio so they can overnight it to me from there. So, I too hope my bag isn't a Chucky because I've been giving the customer service department at Nordstrom an earful the past few days. If I return the bag I'll be so embarrassed! :shame:
  7. WAY TO GO, GIRL! You handled it brilliantly! I hope that SA gets reprimanded well and truly!
  8. roey,
    Thanks, I like to get other opinions because maybe there was something there that I was missing. Who knows. It just seemed odd to me that they took that approach. The thing that bothered me was the attitude that they still somehow "own" that merchandise when I can tell you it has already shown up on my CC bill! That's the part that really ticked me off. I'm over it now but I was just kinda surprised at the attitude, that's all.
  9. roo, you did the right thing! give yourself a pat on back for standing up for your rights. it is normal and in the oridinary course of business to give customer a tracking no upon request. sales is a customer service business. i hope your bag is perfectly smoochy and wonderful!! think positive!
  10. Oh no Roo, how rooood of them! You are completely within in reason (and rights!) to expect a tracking number. I can see how a small boutique might not understand how people are accustomed to this service (ala PayPal automated shipping, online retailers, etc) but no reason for them to give you grief over it.

    I sure hope it's a great bag, but if not then MOST DEFINITELY send it back! They DO accept returns and they might just deserve THIS one. It seems the heavens are opening up and raining chamois ediths in the last 2 days so if this isn't your bag, another one most certainly will be!

    (Aside - chucky is not just a proper name, but now an adjective/noun! could someone attempt use as verb, please?! :idea:)

  11. Roo - I think you're right on to expect them to give you a tracking number. The customer is always right and sometimes the customer is INDEED right! I find it weird that they thought it was unusual! Nonetheless, I hope your bag gets there soon! I can't wait to see pics!
  12. Thanks, guys. Sometimes I wonder if it's just ME or really unreasonable? Sheesh. As if life wasn't already hard enough.

    I've already decided to call the bag "Barbra" if she's pretty.. you know, like the SNL skit where Mike Myers plays Linda Richman and is always crowing that Barbra Streisand is "like buttah"! :P
  13. "Once upon a time blugenie went to Nordstrom to look at Chloe bags. The SA insisted she must look at a new line of bags made by the Acme Anvil Company. The bag looked like a burlap sack and it was a really a ugly baby poo brown color. The SA tried to convince blugenie that this was the new 'it' bag but she was not falling for that chucky...!"
  14. :lol: Roo I like the name for your chamois! Babs when she's looking cheeky. :biggrin: Just hope your Edith DOES look more like buttah than like Linda Richman!

    And your story - :lol: I think I dated a chucky once!

    "After a long stressful search with such high expectations and the anticipation of the entire tPF community, Roo reached into the box she had tracked to the mili-second of its arrival to her front stoop, peeled back the tissue, felt the hard, straight, frightening leather thru the sleeper, and immediately knew she had chuckied it....!" ;)
  15. News flash from Roo Land: Fedex.com says my bag is at the Seattle sorting facility. I wonder if I may get it tomorrow??

    Over and out...
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