I got my Edith!!!

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  1. I found a chamois Edith today- thank you to the EDITH MAFIA for helping me locate it!!! (You know who you are!!) :love:

    I found it at Bob Ellis shoes in Charleston, S.C. It was the only one they had - best of all, no sales tax to Seattle.

    I can't wait to get it. I hope it will be here by the end of the week and I'll post pics!!

    :happydance: :nuts:
  2. Congrats!!!! There is NO bag too elusive that the PF team can't locate! And no sales tax--can't beat that.

    I have my Chamois coming tomorrow and I am beyond excited. :nuts:
  3. I have to say, the ladies here are incredible, and I've only been a member a short time. Talk about GETTING IT DONE!! I can think of a place in D.C. that could use a can of the getting-it-done whoop @ss I've seen around here!!! :lol:
  4. Congrats Roo & Daisy! I found mine today too .......... Grey from BG and NO Sales Tax either! Yipee!!
  5. Roo, :lol: :lol: :lol: . If we could put our bag-finding skills to work saving the world it would be a much better place. Cuter too.

    My problem tomorrow will be having to choose between my Whiskey and the new Chamois. Ideally I'd keep only one but I don't see how I'll choose. :wacko:

    Ooh, and congrats, Pursesuader!!!! You found it in-store? Did BG have any others?
  6. I wonder if there was a shipment that everyone received today?? Seems like a bunch just fell out of the sky!!
  7. :lol: Edith Mafia :cool: :lol:

    Congrats Roo, Daisy and pursesuader! We can all definitely make it happen! Everyone must post pics :biggrin:

    Daisy you will NOT be able to choose between chamois and whiskey - must keep both and be my twin! But if one is on the chopping block chicbags really really needs a whiskey (but not straight-up, like chucky! double-pun intended) ;)
  8. Blu! :lol: I do have a feeling we'll be Edith sisters but I'll definitely pick up the bat phone and let Chicbags know if I can part with one. Roey can be our wacky next door neighbor with Chocko and Chamois. Does anyone else have two?? I might need the straight-up Whiskey by the time this is all finished!!
  9. Hi Daisy,

    I decided to call around today and was having NO luck --- I'm in CA. -- I check BG online often and thought I should just call the store. I only asked about grey and was told by my SA that today must of been my lucky day as they had ONE in stock!! Crazy ...... anyway, it's making the journey west. You might call them and check for other colors.
  10. Oh, hmmm... Maybe I'll call just for grins. I'm in TX and we have to pay tax on bg.com but not over the phone. Crazy!
  11. Congrats Roo!!! I hope you get it soon! It's a gorgeous color!
  12. Congrats!
  13. Whoo! This is such GOOD news! I am so happy to read this post!!

    After learning this morning that my Chamois Edith had JUST left the Nordstrom store en route to their distribution center in Ontario, CA, I knew it would not be until next week until Edith arrived to me in MA. So, I made them upgrade the shipping to two day air so I can have her on Friday the latest. Hopefully they granted that request as I am still waiting for the call with the tracking number.

    I'm pretty sure I'll be keeping both my Chocolate and the Chamois if I like the texture and scrumples.

    Now all we have to do is find Beauxgoris a choco. Purse Finders members on the job!!
  14. Chicbags checking in to say it is indeed raining Edith bags today!!! :nuts::biggrin:

    Mine is coming from Saks in Beverly Hills - the only one they received!!! I paid tax and shipping, but how cares !!!:P
  15. Ooh, congrats to all! I can't wait to see pictures. The Edith is a gorgeous bag!