I Got My *DREAM BAG*!!!!!!!!!

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  1. FINALLY! the long weekend postponed shipping!
    the cherry blossom pochette is here!

    i like ducks :smile:

    one wierd thing though.... i was looking online to compare mine to others, and the datecode is the SAME EXACT THING as the one on let trade that was sold a couple of months ago..

    i know the bag is real, my poupette authenticated and everything.. just a funny coincidence!
  2. Love it!
    so cutee.
  3. congrats!! the cb pochette is so cute!!! weren't you going on a shopping spree to rodeo soon? :biggrin:
  4. that's beautiful!!! it's not uncomon for the datecode to be the same the CB would have been made in the same place over a period of a few months so there'll be a few with the same code they are not unique to each bag
  5. SOOOOO cute!! CONGRATS!!
  6. Cute!! Squeeeeeee*Congratulations*
    I don't think the datecode being the same is anything to worry about, I'm pretty sure a factory could churn out more than one CB Pochette a month.
  7. hehe, yup!
    cp pochette plus azur speedy30 (most likely)
  8. thanks! for a second there i thought my bag was a super fake!
  9. Omg i love it! I really want one of those one day!
    And your duck is adorable!
    &&! That view!!!! Need i say more?
  10. there will be several bags regardless of the model that have the same date code.. Enjoy!!

  11. That's adorable. Congrats!
  12. That's the date code mine has as well :yes:
  13. Congrats to you!:tup:
  14. Congratulations!!! Love that bag. Once I get off my purse ban I will def find one!!
  15. Pretty! I would love to have one of those in the red/creme version!