I got my dream bag ... but I can't open it!! HELP MY SPRING STREET

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  1. So, when I sold my bedford, I told myself I needed to replace it with a red spring street .... other things came first, but I decided I needed this bag for the holiday season and broke down and sold some stuff. :graucho: So, this is my Christmas present to myself! :biggrin: She arrived today with plenty of time for my holiday parties and my trip to Vegas, but I CAN'T OPEN HER!! I must be totally stupid but I can't figure it out. I tried twisting the keys around and I tried both keys, but she won't open. I have been sick all week and am on high does of cold meds, so they may be tampering with my sanity, haha. I am going out to dinner tonight, though, and wanted to take her on a test run, but I can't take her with nothing inside! Even though that would be hilarious. :roflmfao:


    Here are some quick pics, because I can't post about the hottest bag ever without some visuals.


    With my red agenda



    You can even see my fingerprints where I've been trying to open her. I should have wiped those off!! Ooops!
  2. Squeeze the two little knobs on either side of a key hole towards each other.;)
  3. It took me awhile too :lol: , but you need to push one of the thingies that stick out, next to the keyhole, to the side
  4. gorgeous, congrats!
  5. :yes: :yes:
  6. And congrats on your Spring Street, it looks absolutely gorgeous!!!
  7. ooops...:shamed:

  8. Gorgeous Bag!!!! Congrats!
  9. Hot bag, congrats!
  10. You should post in the RED HOT SEXY club too!!! That bag is SMOKING!!!:love: CONGRATS!!!:yahoo:
  11. Arrrgh, I think one of my knobs is stuck, it won't budge at all :crybaby: Thanks for the info, I will keep trying!!
  12. If neither knobs move, it means it's locked.
  13. On mine only one of them pushes to the side, the one on my left. You can see the tiny scratches, where it has moved, on your pics.
  14. aww, good luck trying to get her open. it really is gorgeous!
  15. I'm no help, since I don't have this bag, but just wanted to tell you it is beautiful! I think I need one too!