I got my Dr Q Groovee in Bordeaux and I desperately need some advice!

  1. Its a beauty of a bag it really is! But check out the last two shots of the bag. No matter how it is positioned with the shoulder strap, it looks like sh*t! A puddle of Bordeaux leather! How does anyone reconcile this problem? I had the Dr Q in Nice Tan and returned it for the same reason. I really want to love this bag but I need to reconcile the shoulder strap problem! I know there has to be a way, please help me, tell me how you deal with your Dr. Q. TIA!
  2. In the 1st 2 shots it is sooooooooo pretty!!
    In the last 2 definitely not so much...... other than stuffing it full I don't know what
    could correct it:s Hope you find a way!
  3. Are the last two photos taken with the bag being loaded with your stuff?
  4. Yeah there is the same amount of stuff in the bag for all pictures, including a wallet, a very big cosmetic bag, and a small planner.
  5. I don't like how it looks (or feels) when I use mine with the shoulder strap, so I just don't.
  6. I don't like the way the shoulder strap is positioned seems too far down to use it properly. I had this same sort of problem with the large multipocket, too slouchy!!Seems using the handles as a handbag intead of the shoulder strap??:wtf::yucky:
  7. I love this bag! I find it to be like some of the balenciaga bags with both handles and shoulder straps -- they look a lot cuter with the shoulder strap hanging. On my bags like that, I only use the shoulder strap when absolutely necessary (like washing my hands in the restroom, or toting luggage), and then I go back to the handles. Just my opinion.
    Cute bag!
  8. I think I have found the solution ( more or less)! The bag needs to be very full when carried with the shoulder strap, and then, it looks good! Im so happy, its a beautiful bordeaux wine color very deep and it looks beautiful carried from the hand or in the crook of your arm, and now I realize it looks good with the shoulder strap too when it is semi-full!
  9. Honestly... this bag is really not suited for a crossbody strap.. no matter what you do, it will look like a slouchy mess when worn crossbody.

    I picked this bag up in the store.. and thought it was a great handheld bag... but noticed it kinda looked like crap when you use the longer strap... the placement of the strap looks is not correct... if should be closer to where the handle loops are... as opposed to on the side.
  10. i'm glad you were able to find a solution. the same thing happens with my groovee. i rarely use the shoulder strap. i find it a bit awkward to carry that way. it's like yslalice says, my bbag becomes a brown leather blob when i use the shoulder straps it and i rarely wear the stam using its chain. it can be painful!

    a lot of people are going nuts trying to find this bag and you were lucky enough to find one. it's sold out at the mbmj boutiques and not many department stores carried this color. i bought the bordeaux groovee as soon as it came out because i had a feeling it would be harder to find the longer i waited. it's really a beautiful bag. enjoy!
  11. Funny, one of these in the exact same color was just listed on eBay. I wonder if the seller had the same problem with the strap issue.
    I bought a RAFE (Sorry MJ ladies....) Wooster Lindsay satchel, with the double satchel handles and the long optional shoulder strap, but when I got it (today) I had the same problem with the long strap: it is placed too much in the middle of the side of the bag, so in the case of my bag, it actually turns the bag sideways!!! I sent it back to the store today, and exchanged it for the same bag, but in a classic hobo model. I love the bag, but can't hang with the weirdo strap thing...
  12. I finally found my Dr. Q Groovee in bordeaux last week and absolutely love it! I agree with everyone about the shoulder strap, but I like the bag so much better carried by the top handles. tadpole's right - this bag was hard to find in bordeaux that I am willing to overlook the shoulder strap issue. I can't wait to carry her. Thanks for the capacity research, GUNG. Now I know I'll have to keep her a bit plump just in case I need to use the shoulder strap. Congrats on the bag. Keep her full of good stuff!
  13. I wonder if you put one of those purse organizer pockets inside, maybe it would hold the shape when using the shoulder strap?
  14. I only carry mine by the handles, too, but I have a follow-up question: for those of you who are also using this almost exclusively as a handheld bag, did you remove the shoulder strap or are you just letting it hang?
  15. I took mine off, and just keep it in the dustbag in storage. Less chance it will get snagged on something and keep annoying me. :p