I got my damier papillon 30!


Keep or return the damier pap 30

  1. Keep the pap b/c it still looks cute

  2. Return it, the bigger buckles look way better

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  1. I just got it today from elux and I discovered that the buckles have already changed:crybaby:. It is no longer the thick ones but the thinner ones like the mono.

    Should I keep it? I like the bag but I don't know how I feel about the buckles.
    damier pap 1.JPG damier pap 2.JPG
  2. Oh no..really???.. I love thick buckle for papi damier..
    What do you think about the lining ???

    It's gorgeous bag but I know what you mean, I prefer old style hardware.LV is finding all the ways to save $$ to produce the bag but the price will never go down..

    Congrats on your new bag, It's gorgeous..I thought I saw Papi damier in Fashion Valley with old hardware. I know the red lining is just TDF!!!
  3. i like it, but its you that has to pay for it and wear it.
    If you dont care for it return it and get something you like better.
  4. There's always a chance that you can get a carefully preloved one on eBay with the older style clasps. If it bothers you, I would return it and hold out for what you really want ! :yes:
  5. Maybe you can call 866 and try to get one with the older buckles
  6. I agree with Ayla...good advice..
  7. I think if you like the thicker ones, you should wait for one on ebay.
  8. Return it if you are not happy.:yes:

  9. This is great advice! Have you tried the 866 number yet? Maybe you can exchange the bag for smaller hardware. If not, I still think you should keep the bag, as the hardware is the least noticeable attribute of the papillon.
  10. i prefer the old hardware too. you should return it if you don't like it. you can get one on ebay as damier usually looks almost brand new, even used ones.
  11. Keep it! The bag is adorable and quite practical. The hardware is just an added attribute to its cute shape. Think of it this way...at least ppl know you have the latest and newest one.
  12. i'd like to think bags are also an investment...investment to my likings.........if u find the buckles distracting..go ahead and change it!!
  13. If you have doubt, just return it.:yes:
  14. Exactly, it doesn´t matter what we think.