I got my Classic Flap and Wallet!!!!!!! *PICS*

  1. I received my black caviar classic flap w/sh and wallet in the mail yesterday! My SA had to do a locate for me because they didn't have them in stock.

    I am in love with this bag!!! :love: The wallet is gorgeous as well!!!

    The classic flap measures 10 x 6.

    The wallet has 8 credit card slots and a zipped compartment for coins as well as plenty of pockets.
    Chanel 1.jpg Chanel 3.jpg Chanel 4.jpg Chanel 5.jpg Chanel 6.jpg
  2. BEAUTIFUL couple!!!:love
  3. That is inspirational!! Beautiful, classic and elegant
  4. Beautiful!!! I love the silver hardware and lambskin is my favorite. Both are gorgeous~~~ Enjoy
  5. OMG I love the flap!!!

    Is this the small or the medium flap......anyone know?
  6. What a gorgeous pair :love:
  7. I plan to buy a classic flap soon but cannot choose which one to go yet. Your bag and wallet are adorable :smile:. I love silver tone chain.
  8. Love them both!!

    Is that the "new" caviar???
  9. Thanks ladies!!

    Actually, it's caviar but I'm glad it looks like lambskin with the durability of caviar. :smile:

    This is the size smaller than a jumbo. Some call it a large and some call it med. :shrugs:

  10. The flap is regular caviar, but my SA says that the wallet is the "new" softer caviar and it almost feels like lambskin.
  11. I absolutely love this flap and wallet! Enoy both in the best of health!
  12. BEAUTIFUL! what a darling pair!
  13. Thanks Designer307 - I love that size the best :heart: :love:
  14. I'm really in love with the black caviar now!
  15. I love it!!!!! such a classic!!!! congrats!! foe a second there i had to take another look, the mirror in the back ground makes it look like tons and tons of Chanel boxes..lol