I Got My Chloe Edith Bag!!

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  1. I put my name on the waiting list back in January at Bergdorf Goodman, and they called me yesterday to tell me it was in and that it could be delivered by Tuesday, today!
    I was soooo excited to receive and open the package at work:nuts: , but when I pulled the bag out, my coworker said, "That's ugly! Return it! You have a sickness and you need to see a therapist." What can I say!! I love bags!! Yes, I was hurt, at first, and thought she's right I'll return it, but then I brought it home, took a good look at it and decided it was a keeper!! The leather smells amazing and will only soften in time. I guess I just won't wear it to work. :shame:
  2. Congrats!!! Please post pics!
  3. i want pictures!! wow, you're co-worker is kinda mean...whatever your bag collection is probably like 100 times better than hers

  4. pics!!!
  5. What a b#*@h !(your co-worker)...who cares what she thinks, like she's the last word in fashion! As long as you love it, honey....you wear it with pride to work, girlll!
  6. How mean!! she is obviously sick with jealousy
  7. what color?
  8. Congratulations on your new bag :biggrin: And don't let your co-worker's comment stop you from carrying your bag to work!
  9. All the more you should wear it to work! Congratulations! Pls. post pics.
  10. Tell your co-worker to pound sand. Is she ugly too and in need of therapy? If so, you might want to point that out in your next conversation. :smile: There's one (or two or three) in every office I guess.
  11. 0o0o0o fun another new bag!!! wow everyone is getting new bags!!!!

    i hope too see some pics!!!

    congrats on your new bag!!!
  12. How exciting! What color did you get? I would definitely wear it to work, with a little pin dangling from it that says "My co-worker is a *****!" Telling you you need therapy? That seems a bit out of line. I wish mine would get here...and if someone says it's ugly they can stuff it. Speaking of stuffing, I got the big pocket today and I think we could fit a head in there...
  13. DEFINITELY wear your bag to work! Let your positive energy shine through; I'm sorry your co-worker doesn't seem to be able to do the same. Please don't let her bring you down.

    And CONGRATS on your new bag! Enjoy it.
  14. Angstofgumby, that is my favorite Picasso...
  15. Congrats on your new Chloe! Don't worry about that woman. Feel sorry for her as her bad manners reflect poorly on her upbringing.

    Enjoy the Edith and girl, where are your pics?? hehe