I got my carly thanks everyone for all the help

  1. In my earlier post I said how my friend basically told me I had too many purses and I couldn't use her PCE like I had been doing forever:wtf::confused1:. We always shopped together, now mind you I now realize she was returning most of what she bought after I went home. I told her we are not friends because of what we buy. But I got the cold shoulder. So I thought no all chocolate carly signature for me. But with everyones encouragement and help I phoned one of the recommended stores and she was beyond sweet :tup:I got the carly I wanted and it will be here in 4 to 5 days fedex :O).. Im going to miss my friend :crybaby:but I I have carly to warm my heart and tons of awsome buddies here.. really thanks again :yahoo:
  2. I'm glad it worked out for you!:yes:

    Remember to post pics, too!
  3. I'm glad you got it, and even thou letting go of someone you thought was a friend is hard. It is best you found out now. Take care of Carly when gets home!!!!
  4. I am so glad you got your carly! I have one too and she is beautiful!

    you don't need friends like that at all! there are some wonderful people on this forum, I am positive you will make some real great friends here!

    Please please please post pics when it arrives :smile:
  5. That's great...glad you got it. Post pics when she arrives! :smile:
  6. I'm sorry about your friend, :sad: but I'm glad you got a Carly with the PCE discount! :yahoo:Really that friend wasn't worth your time anyway. :yes:
  7. Glad it worked out!! And I would rather have my Carly than some of my "friends" any day!!
  8. that's great! so glad you got it. cant wait to see pics.
  9. She didn't sound like a true friend to begin with!:sad:

    Now you can show off your Carly that YOU bought!:tup:

    Can't wait to see it!
  10. Glad that worked out for you.
  11. Yay for you! :yahoo: Glad it worked out. :biggrin:
  12. I am happy to hear that you got the bag after all!
  13. ;):yahoo:Hee Hee!
  14. I am so happy for you! Congrats!
  15. It's sad to hear she wasn't a true friend afterall. I hate it when things come between people (been there myself). I hope miss Carly cheers you up :heart: