I got my Cabas!

  1. Just wanted to share my great news! I've been dying for a baby Cabas but am so far away from any Chanel retail shops (I do miss living in NYC!) that I've resorted to eBay. Thanks to the help of 2 tpfers I found a couple of authentic ones on eBay. I'm more of an eBay seller than buyer (been burned once before) but with renewed confidence I made an offer and it was accepted (yay!). I can't wait to get it and will definitely post pictures.:yahoo:
  2. Congrats! i'm glad you found what you were looking for, please post pics soon!
  3. It's a great feeling to finally get the bag you've been yearning for! Congrats - can't wait to see your pics!
  4. Yeah!!!! Congrats!!!! Can't wait for the pics too!!!!!!!!
  5. Congrats and enjoy!
  6. CONGRATS!!! Love the cabas!!!!!
  7. congrats =) post pics soon!
  8. Congrats! :yahoo:please post pics when you get it! x
  9. Congrats on getting what you want, can't wait to see pictures :yes:
  10. congrats!
  11. Good for you! Did you get a deal?
  12. $1650. Fair enough I think:smile: