I got my bronze Cotton Club tote!!!!!!!

  1. It's so delish!
    Here she is! I have lots of pics. . . sorry!:shame:
    IMG_0798.jpg IMG_0795.jpg IMG_0800.jpg IMG_0809.jpg IMG_0806.jpg
  2. :drool: WOW that is a gorgeous bag!! It looks really good on you! Congrats!!!!!
  3. it's hard to capture the color. . .
    IMG_0796.jpg IMG_0811.jpg IMG_0803.jpg
  4. Love the bag. That was fast. I'm still waiting on the Paris Biarritz I waitlisted for. I think I might have to call Shannon and dump my SA in Dallas.

  5. Beautiful! Congrats!!!:yahoo:
  6. It's absolutely goooorgeous!! :drool: Looks fantastic on you... Congrats! :yahoo:
  7. Oops! Double post lol!
  8. CONGRATS! IT LOOKS AMAZING ON YOU! The color is absolutely TDF! :drool:
  9. Yeah! I love it. The color is TDF, and the style looks so easy to wear, yet CHIC! Congrats. :yahoo:
  10. Oh my!! That is stunning!! Congrats!!! It looks grat on you!! I like your jewelry too!!
  11. loving the colour, and again, loving the distressed look of the leather! congrats on the new tote swanky!
  12. Your bag is beautiful! It really looks great on you too. Congrats. Love the chain handles.
  13. Omg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. is that the new durable line{?}
    If so she had them everywhere today!:biggrin:
  15. Thanks y'all!!!:love: