i got my bridesmaids dress back...

  1. i've never worn a strapless dress in my LIFE...growing up my mom always made it very clear that strapless dresses weren't modest enough for classy girls so i kind of have a complex about them. the dresses are very cute, i'm just feeling a little overexposed. plus i have upper body issues. losing 30 pounds helped...i have a collarbone now...but i'm still uneasy about the whole thing.

    i guess i just need you stylish girls to tell me i'm ok...or if i'm not tell me what to fix! :yes: i attached both the dress on it's own and the dress with a wrap. is the wrap ok? (argh, i hate being this insecure!) also, i'm still looking for a clutch of some kind...if anyone's run across anything in their searches let me know!

    oh, and please excuse the lack of makeup...i'm having a lazy day. :smile:

    thanks so much ladies! :flowers:
    PICT00031.JPG PICT00051.JPG
  2. I think it's a lovely dress that looks very, very nice on you! It looks nice with and without the shrug. Pretty girl!
  3. I love the dress on you!!!!

    If anything, how about a chiffon type long scarf? I think the shrug in black is too harsh.

    If I were you, use nothing and show off your new and gorgeous bod!
  4. You look wonderful with or without the cover-up. Congrats on the weight loss!
  5. You look great!! I hope I'll look half as nice in my dress!!!
  6. You look wonderful! Either way the dress is beautiful.
  7. You look AWESOME girl!! I wish I could wear a strapless that well!

    I use to always wear strapless things, the only nice thing about being flat chested, now I have these fat thingies right above my chest and it is gross!! Ahhh, to be young again!

    I don't think you should change a thing! YOU LOOK BEAUTIFUL and CLASSIC no matter what your mom thinks!
  8. I agree, it's a beautiful dress, and it looks great on you, but a nice scarf would be preferable to the shrug (although the dress looks lovely on its own).
  9. oh you guys are sweet. thanks for the compliments even though i was fishing for them. :smile:

    i didn't think about looking for something scarf-y or chiffon. i bet that would look better. what color do you think?

    my main thought with the pashmina/shawl thing (besides covering) was about being warm! :smile: i'm really cold blooded, and even though the wedding's in july, it doesn't get much above 60 degrees here.

    thanks again ladies. i wore the dress around the house for about 20 minutes and i'm feeling more comfy about it.
  10. that looks great on you!
  11. Honestly... without any buttering you up or giving a compliment just because... you look AMAZING!! That color is gorgeous on you, it fits perfect and doesn't fit tight or hug funny, it looks GREAT!!! It looks great without a wrap/shawl. Honestly, I just love it- you look so stunning!!! :love:
  12. 30 pounds:yahoo: :yahoo: :yahoo: congratulations. you look absolutely stunning. and the dress looks beautiful on you. i would not wear the shrug though.
  13. You look beautiful! Go to that wedding and show off!

    PS You also look very classy. I mean it.
  14. That dress looks FABULOUS on you!!! I love the color and style. You are going to have a great time at the Wedding!!! :flowers:
  15. The dress is gorgeous and u look fab. I'd wear it without the shrug though for sure, show off what u got, lookin amazing!!