I got my braces off!

  1. At age 21, months from graduating college, my mouth is metal-free. Okay, minus that permanent retainer in the back of my bottom teeth. High fives anyone?
  2. Congratulations, nerdphanie! I got mine off a month ago and now hate wearing my retainers. What was your first celebratory meal without your braces?
  3. Thanks eucalyptic! Sushi!!! :yahoo: Should've gone with beef jerky and apples, but love sushi.
  4. Hehe congrats!
  5. Oh, I'll bet you feel such freedom!! How long did you have braces?
  6. Congrats, nerdphanie!!:wlae:I totally understand how you feel! I had braces when I was 11.. *goes off to find her long-lost retainers* :graucho:
  7. Yay! High five! Show us your smile. :greengrin:

    I hardly used my retainer after my braces came off... (bad girl!). Luckily my teeth hasn't moved too much. My celebratory meal was a hamburger! Actually biting into one rather than braking it up into small pieces!

    I did miss the braces. Best diet ever! :yes:
  8. Pics of the smile...PLEEEZ!!!
  9. oh I am sooooo envious right now!! I still have mine for another year and a half.

    Enjoy your brace-free life! Congrats!
  10. Show us your teeth!! :biggrin:

  11. congrats!! i got mine off in december...........i only had them on for 13 months!!!! *high fives*
  12. High Five!!!:greengrin: :greengrin:
  13. Congrats :biggrin: I took mine off a year ago..had them on my bottom teeth for 5 months or so to correct a small place. but god was I so happy to get rid of them lol
    I had the bonded retainer put in like you too :smile: you get used to it..
    but sadly I ate something that broke it off on one side this weekend..
    lol so I somehow removed the whole retainer myself..NO FUN I tell you.
    going in tomorrow to get a new one put in *sigh* I wish a year with the retainer was enough :p
    I do like the way my teeth feel atm :S totally free..ah well =) I want to keep them straight forever..
  14. wooo hooo congrats! :biggrin:
  15. Nice one! It feels great doesn't it?