I Got My Botkier Rose Hobo...Pics

  1. Ahhhh, it is everything I expected. And some things I didn't. First off the color is beautiful. It is totally neutral and is a very muted plum with a gentle sheen. Nothing glitzy. It's got brown and black tones in it so from afar no one would say "Look...a Plum Bag".

    The leather is soft and very smushy and the bag collapses on itself when unpacked. And it's rather large. It will hold a ton of stuff because the bag sort of balloons out.

    The Rose Coin purse is darling but pretty much useless. From the pics you can see it isn'y very big and I'm not quite sure what is appropriate to put in there. A key maybe? A few quarters? But even if it were strictly decorative it would be okay because it really adds to the bag.

    The bag closes with 3 magnetic snaps that go the length of the opening.

    The handles intertwined with gold cording is beautiful. The bag is very very lightweight.




    I am totally happy with my purchase and am glad I chose it.
  2. Three more pics...



  3. That is gorgeous :heart: I didn't realise the rose was a little purse! How cute! I love it :biggrin:

    And yes I struggle to think what to use the little purse on my Chloé Betty for, it's been empty since I got it.
  4. Love it!!! I'm so excited to get mine now. I ordered from a different boutique and she had to special order it so I should probably have mine late this week or beginning of next. And, some of these websites should be taking photo taking lessons from you! You make the bag look so much more gorgeous. AE's pics were kind of weak! Modeling pic? :smile:
  5. OMG, the fact that the rose is a coin purse makes me love the bag so much more lol. Wierd but true. I hope it goes on sale and gets down into my price range because I want it bad!
  6. We need a "dies from all the gorgeousness" emoticon.

    What a dazzling color! Now I can't decide if I should get it in plum or cherry. How much stuff can it contain? You should take pics of you modeling it!
  7. It's beautiful! Congrats! :tup:
  8. Very, very pretty!
  9. Wow, Lexie! That is an absolutely gorgeous bag. So unusual starting with the color, shape, handles, coin purse...Love it! You made an excellent choice when you added this Botkier bag to your wonderful collection. It's easy to see why you are thrilled with it. Enjoy!
  10. Beautiful! Now I'm adding it to my "bags I want to buy but can't afford until I sell off some other bags" list.
  11. wow, thats a gorgeous bag! My daughter is a Botkier addict and obviously she hasnt seen this one or I would have heard about it!

    Did it come in other colors? LOVE the plum, and youre right it looks like it has black/brown undertones in it. What a great fall/winter color.

    Thanks for sharing!:tup:
  12. love the color. congrats.
  13. Thanks, Lexie! Your pics are great! When I saw the bags at Nordie's they really caught my eye.. I like that the plum is not to colorful, the color is subtle so the bag will be more versatile. I also like the handle braided with with that mesh chain thing. I can't wait for mine to arrive!
  14. I am alone at home so I can't take anymore people pics right now.

    Donna....you gotta go look at the Botkier site and see the Fall line if you haven't. This particular bag comes in Bronze, Black, Cherry, and Metallic Plum.

    The Bag can hold a ton. Large wallets, large make-up bag, planner, pens, keys, miscellaneous stuff. Water bottle, a few paperbacks. Honestly it will expand to hold a bunch. I will pack it full of stuff and try to take a pic and show you.
  15. Wow, thanks for the update, Lexie. I'm glad to hear that it didn't disappoint and that the leather is so nice.

    I didn't realize that there was gold braided through the handle - is that chain or leather?