I got my Botkier bags!

  1. :yahoo:Large cherry Bianca and small black Roxy! The Bianca is one of the most amazing bags ever, can't believe how light she is with the suede lining. The Roxy I think, is gonna be my special occasions bag...when I "lunch" or with a little black dress. She's sleek and compact but manages to gracefully hold all of the stuff that I lug around. Can't wait for the online sale in January!
    Botkier, large cherry Bianca.JPG Botkier, small Roxy tote.JPG
  2. YAAY! :smile: I Am so glad you love them!!!
  3. Both of them are TDF!
  4. The bianca is beautiful... and the cherry is divine!!!
  5. Beautiful!!!! The Bianca is TDF.
  6. love the colour of the bianca
  7. Thanks ladies!
  8. Wow, they are both so pretty!
  9. Gorgeous! I share your joy!:tup:
  10. LUCKY YOU!! That Bianca cherry is gorgeous!!!! Use them well!
  11. Beautiful! Hey, aren't those supposed to be wrapped and under the tree???!!? You naughty girl:nogood:
  12. Love that Roxy bag! I contemplated getting one but I have enough small satchel type bags. It's darling. Does it hold it's shape or is it soft and slouchy?
    I know the Cherry Bianca is lovely. I have the Medium. That is one beautiful red/wine color.
  13. tonij, remember to post some modeling pics! Both bags are devine!
  14. wow! the red one is beautiful...
  15. Congrats tonij! I love that Botkier cherry red, they got it just right.