I got my blonde Meredith in last night and I love her!

  1. This is a really beautiful bag. I love the slate color, but the blonde is so nice and a shade I don't have. I have been carrying a navy bag all spring.

    The leather appears to be pretty hardy. It will distress, but it doesn't seem to fragile. This is my first Kooba, so I cannot give a comparison. I think I will really enjoy it, though.

    Question--should I treat the leather with something first before I carry it? Thanks
  2. Leem, congrats on your new Kooba.

    I have treated all of my bags, Kooba or not, with either Wilson's or Appleguard before I carry them out the door. Both do a great job protecting the leather.

    Just know that when you apply either, they 'wet' the bag abit, making it appear darker. This goes away in under an hour, so don't worry.
  3. Picture of Meredith, please! :yes:
  4. Congrats on that Meredith, leem, want to know all about this bag, how the leather holds up and how you feel about that push lock!
  5. Yes, spray like you've never sprayed before. Mind you, I should talk, I got my Meredith a month ago and I still haven't gotten around to spraying it!

    Enjoy, and congrats on your first Kooba!
  6. i didn't spray my bonnie and she's healthier than ever!

    i'd love to see pix!