I got my Bleecker wallet today!!

  1. This wallet/clutch is even BETTER than I had hoped!! I thought it would be a lot smaller. It is a perfect size! Look how good it looks with my matching Bleecker small purse!! Notice I put my coins in a plastic baggie like I read about on this site to keep my wallet clean. Also, this Bleecker wallet has no funny odor, it smells like leather. See how everything neatly fits inside? My checks (in a separate leather cover) my new darling wallet, keys. Oh yea! My 80GB ipod still fits but I forgot to incude it in this pic. The only thing that doesn't fit are my sunglasses. I'll have to carry them around separately. Look, I even have room in there for my lunch! he he, forever trying to drop those last 10 lbs.
    I'm so excited about this! :yahoo:

    BTW, this type of bag is black AND brown AND khaki so I can wear it with most anything.:p I love the pink lining inside the wallet! It's TDF. :heart::love:
    IMG_1864 (Medium).JPG IMG_1866 (Medium).JPG IMG_1867 (Medium).JPG IMG_1868 (Medium).JPG IMG_1869 (Medium).JPG
  2. Love it!!!! :love:
  3. it looks great and matches your bag perfectly!
  4. What a great match for your bag!!!
  5. This is my favorite style wallet EVER! I have three of them!
  6. Want...want...

  7. The lining has a few little issues going on, tiny black spots and a couple of scars, maybe the cow had some scabs there on it's skin? I didn't like that but nothing's perfect. :nogood:It is sewn really good and the snap works, that's my major concern.
    IMG_1871 (Medium).JPG
  8. Congrats, gorgeous set!
  9. Perfect match with your bag!!! :tup:
  10. Very cute [​IMG] I wish I could use a small wallet like that.
  11. he he, they should put some cocoa butter on those cows before. I have the mini wallet and it has its small imperfect details, but man I love the color inside. isn't rich, aww pink.:love:
  12. LOL, yes they should pamper their Coach cows before they get to turn into gorgeous works of art. Don't let them get scabs! he he Hey is that a white poodle you have for your avatar? I have a white poodle, too! He's a standard size.
  13. Thanks everyone. This is the only small purse I'll ever want. What I like is I can't hardly feel it on my arm. The other day I thought I set it down and lost it but alas! It was still on my arm. he he I prefer large purses. I'll take a picture of my small-ish collection one of these days. Also, this is the only signature purse I have, the others are leather.
  14. It's so cute! I also like the pink lining!
  15. Hmph. Hey I wonder if they get any old cow, or they have like a coach farm, with privilaged cows.
    Yes that is a poodle. Her name is Snuggles. She is 3 years old, she is a miniture poodle.
    I think poodles are soo sweet.