I got my black MAM and...

  1. So I finally got my black MAM from label360 and I'm not quite sold on it for some reason. The size is perfect but the zipper part with the blue kinda bothers me. Should I sell it and get/try to look for a grey one?
    black RM.jpg black RM II.jpg
  2. Aw - that's too bad. The blue zipper fabric is my favorite part on my black MAB. I guess its a matter of personal preference.
  3. i think the blue zipper is great. the only reason i've ever considered getting a black one! the blue zipper!
  4. i have black morning after & mine isn't blue?
  5. it's the one with the gold hardware. is yours silver?
  6. no, i have the gold hardware! mine is black satinwash, if that makes a difference, i dunno. I actually like the blue zipper!
  7. it's kind of nice with the blue
  8. I really like the blue zipper - but I like the black/blue combination.
  9. I also love th blue zipper... the first thing I noticed on the black /basketweave...and what sold me on this!
  10. OMG! SELL IT! Put in on eBay and watch the price go through the ROOF!
  11. ^^really?
  12. My black mam has silver hardware(black lining with silver zip) from ss sale. The black satin leather is gorgeous! I have to say that her black on any bag is spectacular. I'm speaking of the non-pebbly smooth leather. It's a bit thinner.
    From now on, I will only purchase mam in different colors but I love my black mam bag. The tassels seem to make everyone give a second glance. Once again, if you are not totally happy send it back or try to sell. However, label has to return to RM for a refund which can take at least a month.

    *One last FYI-I'm not postive but I thought I saw a black MAB in the spring 2008 pictures. You know where they show her showroom. It has the new zipper pulls & new signature hardware. You can call RM to see if it's available.
  13. ^^the refund wait is what im dreading. brittany said she will check with RM for an all black mam. im crossing my fingers on this one. i love-love how soft the leather is! what other colors are as soft as the black one?
  14. i really really love the blue zipper!
  15. I love the blue zipper on my black w/ black basketweave MA! IMO, the zipper is just a touch of funk and distinguishes the bag from being just another basic black bag. Its a sweet little pop of color that is not overwhelming in the slightest and goes beautifully with the black leather. However, if you are feeling uncomfortable, then I agree, you should return the bag. Is it the plain black leather or the basketweave leather MAM that you have?